Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Weekly Weigh In

Saturday: no workout.

Sunday: ran 17.14 miles total.  I had a 5k race today, but I also had 17 miles on my marathon training calendar to get done.  So I arrived at the race location over 2 hours before the race was to start and started running loops around the giant shopping center (almost 3 miles for a full loop!).  I got 10 miles done pre-race, then 3.14 during the race, then I went home and knocked out another 4 miles!
Monday: hammies and quads all sorta sore from Sunday’s running, so it was really nice to get out and stretch my legs for 4 miles.
Tuesday:  just walking.  Worked overtime Monday night.

Wednesday: 8 miles easy pace.  Wanted them to be faster, but what the heck…it’s not fall in Texas yet so it just got warmer and I just got slower.  Oh well.
Thursday: overtime Wednesday night, no nada but walking.

Friday: there was some disappointing news in my text messages when I woke up in the morning and the “I’m not sure I’ll run 8 miles today, I might just run 6” turned into “8 miles isn’t enough, I need to run 10!!!”  So that’s what I did.  10 miles.  Boom!  It was a good run and definitely much needed therapy.  I wasn’t able to totally work through the disappointment I was feeling and it actually stuck with me all day until the bearer of the disappointing news got back to me with acceptable news.  I wanted to make this run a little edgier, or whatever, so I ate 2 slices of bacon pre-run and then no fuel during.  I didn’t really feel like I needed it during anyway until I was almost done and therefore it was too late, so I just made myself wait until I got home and scarfed my eggs.


it is what it is
Well, there wasn’t a whole lot of movement on the scale this week at all, was there?  Just up and down between 151.2 and 152.5.  I mean, the good news is that I totally maintained!  Bad news…maybe it’s not so much actual “bad” news…let’s go with the “disappointing” news (since that’s the theme for this week apparently…long story…or maybe it’s not…stay tuned for next week’s Let’s Get Random! post…I promise I’ll explain as much as I can).  Anyway, the disappointing news is that I am still not in the 140’s.  Ugh.  Maybe next week?  I really wanted to be below 150 (so 149 or less) by the end of September.  But I seem to have stalled out where I’m at right now.  I mean, where I’m at isn’t a crappy place to be.  I’m like 95% happy with my body at the moment and with what I see in the mirror and how my clothes fit.  However, I’d really like to cut a little tiny bit more body fat and make my muscles pop just a smidge more than they do right now.  I have, however, hit at about 25%, but I was saying I wanted that to be my top number for maintenance.  I really would like to be 23%. 

I think part of my problem this week was that even though more food last week caused me to lose 4.5-ish pounds, that wasn’t what happened this week.  So, next week I’m going to cut my calories a tiny bit and completely eliminate the snack meal from my day.  I’ll have breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I will still have my overtime snacks if I work overtime, but no more snack during the regular day.  I’m honestly not hungry at that time and I’ve been eating as late as 8pm because I’m just not hungry so I push off eating.  I really prefer to be done eating by 6, 6:30 at the latest.  It helps for my food to be pretty much completely digested by the time I wake up around 6-7 am on the mornings I didn’t work overtime the night before.

I was soooooo happy to stop by Starbucks last night and they happily made be a bulletproof-style coffee.  The guy said they didn’t have any coconut oil, which I said was fine because I don’t use it at home and then he said he highly recommends it, so I will be doing that from now on.  Coconut oil AND butter! 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Let's Get Random!

I have been posting this mostly on Wednesdays, but now I’m posting about my paleo experience on Sundays and my marathon training weekly recap on Tuesdays, so I’m moving this post to Thursdays.  So my only back to back postings will be Saturday and Sunday.  Now, of course, random posts may be posted on the other days, of course…you know, race recaps and other things I find, like questionnaires and surveys.
Last week, as you know, I started a new experience…dun dun dun…PALEO!  It’s a lifestyle but I don’t think it’s ridiculous.  I mean, it could totally get ridiculous if that’s how you approach it, but it doesn’t HAVE to be that way.  You don’t NEED organic, grass fed meat, though it does come highly recommended for a variety of reasons that are all valid.  However, be aware that “organic” is just a label that they use to get you to pay more money and doesn’t really mean what you think it means.  But that’s beside the point and if you want to go with organic meats, then by all means, do so.  I however, have chosen to go with just regular meats and seafoods.  When I get seafood, I do try to get it from the meat counter so it’s a little fresher.  If that counts for anything.  Who knows? 
weekend paleo meal, scrambled eggs and dried venison sausage

another weekend paleo meal, salmon and grape tomatoes
my failed attempt at pan frying plantains
paleo exercise snacks!
more paleo snacks
lara bars are the bomb!
i paleo-ized a burger at the movie theater!

this smoothie is 1 pound of strawberries blended with frozen and also unfrozen cashew milk, no other ingredients!
I got to run with a friend one day last week and that was awesome.  I really wish I had more friends that ran.  It does make me sad when they worry about pace so much.  They’re usually like, oh you’re so much faster than me.  So?  Who cares?  I can run slower for once.  And I’m not all THAT fast anyway.  Speed is all relative.  I know, I know, to them I am fast, but to me I’m just average.  There’s nothing wrong with being average.  Nothing at all.  I don’t want to be super duper fast anyway.  I’d settle for my goal marathon time being just a comfortably hard effort instead of the knock down drag me across the finish line pace it’s going to be for me when I attempt to do it next year in November.
I ran a couple fun races this past week!  First there was the Loteria Run down in San Antonio where I dressed up as a mermaid and SERIOUSLY PR’ed the 5K.  The second race was the CASA Superhero Run, also a 5K.  I ran this race a little over half way through my long run, so it was not fast at all…average runner speed.  I dressed up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Michelangelo to be exact).  I was a little upset when I was about an hour into my pre-race run when I realized I’d left my prop nunchucks at home on the couch.  Ugh!  I still had lots of fun and that’s the most important part.  I recently read a great quote: “it’s not the time you ran, but the time you had.”  Don’t worry about your pace, just have fun!!!
I bought even MORE dresses.  But, I think I’m done buying dresses for a while.  I’ve more than replaced all the dresses that were too big for me with dresses that fit so nicely. 
I bought a new phone!!!  And with that new phone came a new cellular provider.  I am no longer with Verizon and am now with AT&T.  I have had U-verse TV and internet for about 5 or 6 years now.  I discovered a little while back that if I have the TV service (you’d think it’d be the internet service, but nope, it’s the TV service), then you can pay a flat rate of $60 and get unlimited data on your phone.  My bill with Verizon last month was $160…and that’s WITH my government employee discount.  Ugh.  My new AT&T bill will be an acceptable amount below that.  And I was so excited and had so many other questions for Reynaldo Saturday evening when I was making the switch that I completely spaced on asking about a government employee discount.  I know they have one.  I’ll just go back to the AT&T store this weekend and inquire about it.
Anyway, I got the Galaxy S7 Active.  I no longer have to worry about if it starts raining while I’m out running or I want to go running and it’s already raining, my phone is really water resistant.  I got it in the goldtone coloring.  I downloaded a super cute free theme that has to do with cats and hearts.  When I got home with the phone, I immediately transferred all my stuff from the old phone to the new one and that took over 1.5 hours.  Geez.  Then there as a system update.  Then there were a few apps I use all the time that didn’t start downloading automatically, so I had to download those before I could go to sleep.  It was around midnight before I got to sleep and I was to wake up shortly after 4 to knock out that 10 miles pre-Superhero Run the next morning.
I ordered some new shoes from Running Warehouse online last week and they arrived yesterday!  Well, I went to the UPS customer center and picked them up myself.  UPS doesn’t like taking packages to the apartment office for some reason, and I didn’t want to chance them leaving it on my doormat and then I’m at work all night and the package could get stolen.  Yea.  So I just changed the delivery to customer pickup and swung by on my way to work.  But, of course, as I was coming back from my run just before 11am, the UPS truck was pulling into my apartment complex.  Figures.  Oh well.  I didn’t want to take the chance as usually they don’t get there until 30 minutes or so after I’ve left for work.
say hello to the Altra Olympus!
I decided to suspend my gym membership.  Actually, I had decided to cancel it, but when I called they gave me their schpeal and talked me into just suspending it for 12 months.  All I have to do to reactivate it is go to the gym and punch in my sign in number and scan my thumb and voila, membership reactivated!  But, I haven’t been to the gym since the end of August and I don’t see myself going any time soon.  I was really only doing abs, core and legs and all that stuff I can do at home. 
I had an oil change appointment Monday morning and while my oil was being changed, they did an appraisal on my car and had me test drive the basic version of my car, but the 2016 model.  They’re trying to talk me into upgrading to the 2016.  It’s model year end time for one.  For 2, they’re trying to beef up their used car stock.  And 3, they want to keep me making payments longer.  HA!  I mean, if they can get me in a 2016 for nothing down and just the trade of my current car, then fantastic, where do I sign?  However, I highly doubted that they’d be able to do it without me putting money down and I just don’t have the money for that right now.  But it’s nice to know where I stand and it was kinda fun to think about having a new car again.  Even if I would be losing some stickers that I’d put on the window.  You better believe if I do ever trade my car in that I’ll be removing my marathon maniac sticker!!!  But, sadly, as I expected, the offer they came back with (because I don’t have anything to put down toward the new car, because of the higher mileage on it and because the tires need to be replaced on my car) was $200 MORE a month than I’m currently paying.  I don’t need the newer car that bad, but thanks.  So by the end of the year, I’ll go into my bank and see about refinancing my car instead.
As you may or may not know, I work in a jail.  There is this wonderful thing called contraband which is basically anything that is not allowed within the secured confines of the jail facility.  Soooo, they put out a list of prohibited smart watches.  The FitBit Blaze is on that list.  Seriously?!?!?!  You can’t do squat with it unless you’re within about 10 feet of a phone that it’s paired to already and the phone is turned on.  Cellphones are most definitely NOT allowed within the jail and would be quite obvious, so I don’t understand why they’re banning the Blaze.  So, I had to go and buy a second FitBit to wear just to work.  I decided on the Charge HR.  I would have gotten the Charge HR 2 but it’s basically a simpler version of the Blaze so it’s only a matter of time before that one gets banned too.  Ugh!!!  But!  I got it in hot pink!  So there!  Take that!  Buuuuut, I think I’m going to take it back and trade it for the Charge HR 2.  I like it better. And the bands are easier to change out and more durable.  I know a lot of people have issues with the bands on the regular Charge HR peeling back and stuff.  So I’ll do that this weekend.
initially i bought the Charge HR to wear to work
but then i exchanged it for the Charge 2
There’s this guy I like.  He doesn’t work for the same agency I work for, but works for the main local agency other than my own.  Well, he and have been what I’ll call friendly flirting for quite some time now.  Pretty much since he hired on with the agency and started bringing people into my facility, actually.  So, probably about a year now…maybe a little more.  Well, the other day, he started being a little more, shall we say, direct with his flirtations.  Then the very next day, I am convinced he was actually and genuinely hitting on me.  Like he was saying things like he had definitely incentive to come back to my facility multiple times during my shift and that I was very distracting, among other things that gave a definite impression that he’s for sure into me.  I’m not sure if it’s an actual he wants to date me into me kind of thing, or if he just wants a hook up, but it’s definitely fun to flirt hardcore with him. 
I won’t be promoting in the next year.  I didn’t score high enough on the written exam to move onto the interview panel.  Next year!  I’ll for sure make it next year!  My friend and I are going to help each other prep and study for the exam over the next year to make sure we both get to the interview portion of the process.
I downloaded the I Heart Radio app the other day with the express purpose of listening to what I was told was a channel that was strictly military cadence.  So I found the channel and the first 2 songs were cadence, then it played some crappy slow song.  Ugh.  So, what I then did was go on Amazon and buy 2 CD’s with cadence on them.  I will load them onto my phone and make a playlist out of them.  Of course, that means I’m going to have to figure out how exactly to create a playlist as I’ve never done that before, so that should be fun!  I should have the CD’s by the end of this month, end of the first week of October at the latest.  So I’m really looking forward to that!  If the playlist thing isn’t hard to do (and I’ve been told it’s not), then I’ll make a few more of them…maybe…possibly…we’ll see.
one of my best friends bought and sent me some awesome adult coloring books!

these are probably my favorite paleo-friendly nutrition bars!
i love the little mermaid!
he's so adorable!

one of the Austin Capitol Metro buses!
the dia de los muertos cat is the new one

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Marathon Training Week 10

Tuesday & Wednesday there were no runs or any kind of cross training because I worked overtime Monday and Tuesday nights and was therefore asleep in the mornings on those days.

Thursday: went for an easy paced run with a friend.  We ran 7 miles.  He’s just getting back into running longer and so had to take a few walk breaks, but that’s okay.  I had run 3 hard runs the week previous, so I was totally okay with dropping it down a notch.
Friday: there was a planned super easy paced 7 mile run for the morning, however, I apparently needed sleep more and slept until 10:30!  I was okay with that.  Why?  I mean I just wasted almost half of a day off with sleeping.  BUT!  Hear me out!  I was running a 5K in the evening on this day and I was seriously hoping for a podium finish as it was the same route/course and company as the Free-da Run 5K I ran back in July.  I dressed up in my mermaid get up and proceeded to run as fast as I could.  And let me tell you, there were a few mermaids out on the course (it was Loteria themed and there is a La Sirena…aka: the mermaid…card, so it’s fairly popular with the ladies).  Well, I was the fastest mermaid!  I also seriously PR’ed the 5K…by a whole 1:29 minutes!!!  WHOA!  I know I’d only been paleo for 5 days at that point, but I know of other people that have gone paleo/ketogenic and they got faster as a result.  I ran it in 25:40 official AND Garmin time.  I always love it when the 2 times match up like that.  Well, that really fast time was 13 seconds too slow to snag me a podium finish.  Oh well.  NEXT TIME! 
Saturday: nada.  I spent the day watching movies and crafting with the bestie.  In fact, according to FitBit this was my least active day.  I didn’t even get 6000 steps all day.

Sunday: I had a 5K race to run, buuuuut I also had a 17 mile long run on my marathon training schedule.  What’s a girl to do in this instance?  Break it up, of course.  So, I got to the race site about 2.5 hours early and started running.  I got 10 miles at a decent pace done, then went to the car and put my costume on for the 5K (TMNT Michelangelo!) and ran that at a 10:22 average pace.  I was going along pretty well to get a sub 10-minute average until my shoelace came untied around mile 1.5 and then I lost my momentum and my steam and slowed down.  After that, I drove home and finished up with a 4 mile loop near the apartment at a fairly easy pace, for a grand total of 17.14 miles for the day!

Monday: had an early morning oil change appt and didn’t get home from that until around 9:30am.  I changed and headed out for what I had fully intended to be a 5 mile run, but it was soooo warm and there was hardly any breeze to help, so I only ran 4 miles at a very easy pace.  I was fairly sore from Sunday’s running, so I was trying to use this run as a shakeout run to break up the lactic acid in my quads and hammies, but it didn’t work and I was sore the rest of the day.


Overall, this was a pretty great week!  However, because of that missed 7 miles on Friday and the missed mile on Monday, I’m down 8 planned miles for the month of September so I’m thinking I’m not going to hit my goal of 130+ miles for the month and, I’m going to say it again, I’m okay with that.  Why?  Because 120+ is still pretty decent mileage.  I’ll try again for 130+ in October.  I’m not going to kill myself just to hit a goal.  I’m also not going to make myself resent the activity I love the most.  Part of me is saying I’m slacking on the speed work, but this week, I’d say that 25:40 minute 5K counts as my speed work for the week, wouldn’t you?  This next week, I want to do a tempo run and hopefully a fast finish long run…we shall see how those plans pan out.

I love how when I tell people about how my current training runs are going and then tell them that I hope to BQ next year in November at South Padre Island Marathon and they tell me that I’ve got it in the bag!  Whether or not they know what they’re talking about or if they’re just being awesome supportive friends (this is the more likely), it means a lot that they would say that.  Helps me to believe in myself that I can actually do it.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

My Paleo Experience, week 1

I’m going to detail my paleo experience for you week by week!

We’ll start on September 8th, a Thursday.  I decided to start on this day with cutting out sugars and sweeteners.  As a result I switched to “bulletproof” (or as I will here on out refer to as “buttered”) coffee.  It was okay my first tumbler full.  With each successive tumbler of buttered coffee, I liked it more and more.  I also started drinking my weekday daily iced tea without the pink packets to sweeten it up.  I’ve drank tea before without sweetener in it and I like it fine.  I did do a juice day where I didn’t have any solid foods this day in an attempt to help my GI tract reset itself as my general gut healthy has been quite horrible lately.

• Friday, September 9th…lost a legit .6 pounds thanks to yesterday’s liquid only diet for a day.  Liking the buttered coffee even more!  I really like it especially right after I’ve blended it because it’s got a nice frothy top to it, kind of similar to the froth from steamed milk on a latte, only this tastes better to me than the steamed milk froth.  I did have a donut and a few homemade gingersnaps on this day.  My “last hurrah” with sugars/sweeteners of any sort for at least 4 weeks.

• Saturday & Sunday, Sept 10th/11th…last weekend before starting up “officially.”  Saturday I ate sensibly.  Protein waffles for breakfast, miracle noodle spaghetti for lunch, Taco Cabana beef street tacos for snack and a Chobani flip yogurt for dinner.  Sunday, I had my last prepped serving of protein waffles pre-long run, then for lunch I had 2 Whoppers w/bacon (no cheese), and for dinner I went to a friend’s house and we ate the best homemade lasagna I’ve ever had with a salad (I was very light with the dressing…only like a tbsp at most), breadsticks and homemade apple cake (I had 2 pieces of that!).  I also did all my meal prep for the week on this day…nothing out of the norm there.  I meant to take “before” pictures and measurements today, but I completely spaced on it.

• Monday, Sept 12th…the “official” start of my paleo journey/experiment!  Since I had appointments all morning, I ate my 2 slices of bacon before leaving for them at 7:30.  When I got back home after my appointments at noon, I scarfed down 6 boiled eggs as I got ready for work.  As I was packing my food up to take to work, my first thought was “I don’t know if I can eat all of this food!”  And the fact that I plugged everything into My Fitness Pal and it’s over 2000 calories.  BUUUUUUT, it’s all whole, fresh, unprocessed foods (other than basic cooking processes).  Around 3:30pm, I ate the half of a rotisserie chicken I took to work with me.  Around 5 I ate the dry salad I brought (spring mix greens with grape tomatoes and blueberries).  I have to say that the guy I’ve been getting advice from for this experience, Steven, he eat a lot of his food just with his fingers because his wife is from Morocco and they don’t really use utensils there.  Anyway, a lot of people make fun of him for it (he honestly doesn’t care at all).  Well, I ate about half my salad with my fingers and completely understand now.  A dry salad is basically easier to eat that way.  I found that I really wasn’t very hungry throughout the day.  I tried to eat the skin on the sweet potatoes.  I ate the first one, but couldn’t do the second one.  I just don’t like it.  Oh well, at least I tried.  Then, when I went to work my overtime shift, I left my strawberries that were for my overnight snacking pleasure in the fridge at my regular assignment.  Thankfully one of the girls at my overtime assignment gave me some almonds!  Higher in calories, but also higher in healthy fat, so I’m not super concerned about it.  Overall I felt great and satisfied with my food.  I was never HUNGRY or anxious about food.  In fact, like I said, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to eat all the food I had brought with me to work.  Other than a can of Coke Zero yesterday, I have been without sugar and sweeteners for 5 days.  I used one of my toothpick-floss combo dealies and wow, I didn’t realize they were sweet and boy were they sweet.  Like sickeningly so.

• Tuesday, Sept 13th…day #2!  I made it through the first day and now the second day of paleo!  I remembered to do my “before” pictures and measurements today!  Slightly late, but it’s okay.  I’m using yesterday’s weigh in for my starting weight, of course.  I am working a double shift again today and my strawberries from yesterday were still in the fridge at work, so I made sure to grab them today before making the transition to my overtime shift.  Whew!  Also, I only ate 5 eggs (scrambled) for breakfast today along with my 2 slices of thick-cut bacon.  YUM!  Everything was the same as yesterday.  Was feeling a little tiny bit light headed today…probably from the complete lack of processed carbs and sugars.  However, I did cheat a bit and had a small cake mix and cool whip lemon cookie that my bestie made, so how could I say no?  I found the smallest one in the bag and that’s the one I ate.

• Wednesday, Sept 14th…having some cravings for processed carbs…things like pizza…yea, mostly just pizza.  I keep seeing pictures in my Facebook feed of people with pizza.  Argh!!!  I bet I could make a paleo pizza…gonna see if I can find a recipe for that this weekend.  I said when I started this that if I wanted cheese, I’d allow myself goat cheese, so it’ll have goat cheese on it instead of cheddar or mozzarella or whatever.  I could put some shredded rotisserie chicken, cut up bacon, onions, and tomatoes on it.  YUM!

• Thursday, Sept 15th…a regular day at work, just my normal PM shift.  I swear I saw a tiny little bug bouncing around in my salad and then a few of the pieces of it were starting to turn gross, so I just threw away all the lettuce from my salad and ate just the grape tomatoes and the blueberries.  HA!  There was a piece of pin͂a colada cake.  A small one.  It was good, but a small piece was enough.  I really gotta stop with these sugar cheats.  If I’m going to do this right for the first 5 weeks, I need to stop.  Starting on the 19th, when I go completely without sweeteners and sugar (with the exception of plantains and sweet potatoes), I will be better about sugar cheats.  I promise myself.

• Friday, Sept 16th…my first day off from work on the paleo diet.  I started with 2 slices of bacon and then did a 7 mile run.  After that, I had  4 scrambled eggs.  For lunch I had a broiled and seasoned steak. I had a few of the Epic and Lara Bars and 1 of the toddler squeezie pouches pre-race and throughout the day.  Probably too many, but I was just on the go all day so that was the best option for me.

• Saturday, Sept 17th…second day off from work on the paleo diet and this one included a meal out.  My bestie and I went to one of those dinner theaters and I opted for the “brewhouse burger,” minus the bun, cheese and remoulade, add bacon, avocado and extra lettuce, at the theater we went to.  They didn’t have any actual paleo-friendly options, so I had to ask for the substitutions.  They unfortunately didn’t have sweet potato fries (what?  Seriously?  Everywhere had sweet potato fries except Flix!).  Since I was also somewhat on the go this day as well, I had a couple of the paleo-friendly protein/nutrition bars and then a squeezie pouch when I got home for my dinner.

• Sunday, Sept 18th…third day off from work and still chugging along!  I’m so proud of myself.  I would estimate that I have stuck with 100% paleo foods at least 90% of the time for the past week.  Today for breakfast I had 2 sweet potatoes and 2 slices of bacon.  That is to be my new pre-long run eats.  After the run I was seriously craving eggs, so that’s what I made.  Plus I ate the venison sausage I bought at Buc-ee’s Friday on my way home from the Loteria Run.  I had a couple of the paleo nutrition bars, and I tasted a little while I was cooking (baked zucchini and yellow squash, pan fried plantain slices).  Today was meal prep day.  Oh I also had a 2-ingredient smoothie: cashew milk and strawberries.  Was quite tasty.

I’ve decided that I’ll be posting these updates on Sunday evenings…so keep an eye out for them!  Since I run and I’m currently training for a marathon (will be perpetually training through at least mid-February since I am running 3 marathons again this season!), I need to consider fueling on my long runs.  I obviously cannot do gels because they are packed with SUGAR and sugars and sweeteners of all varieties (other than fruits) are strictly forbidden when eating paleo, so I had to come up with other options.  So I did an internet search for paleo running fuels and came up with the following list of items: baby/toddler squeeze pouches, dates and raisins, Lara Bars, Epic Bars, and Tanka Bars.

Something that came recommended from another co-worker who did paleo for a year is that I go a month without ANY sugar, including natural sugars from fruits.  Since this advice came after I’d already bought blueberries and strawberries to munch on last week, I decided that this past Sunday I would start 4 weeks of absolutely no sugar.  She did say when she did it that she would still eat plantains, so I will do that too.  I’ll fry them up in coconut oil on the stove top.  I think that would make excellent running fuel as well.  I wonder what fried plantain and baked sweet potato mashed together tastes like?  Guess I’m going to find out!!!

This week’s menu is as follows:
• breakfast: 4 scrambled eggs & 2 slices thick cut bacon
• lunch: ½ rotisserie chicken + baked slices of zucchini & summer squash
• snack: 7.75-ish oz baked salmon filet
• dinner: sweet potatoes
• overtime snacks: plantains & apples w/almond butter

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