Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Let's Get Random!

It’s no secret that I’ve recently decided that the treadmill isn’t the enemy I thought it was.  As a result, I run on the treadmill now once to twice a week most weeks.  I do try to do as much of my running outside as possible…mainly my speed work and long runs at the very least I like to do outside.  The treadmill is GREAT for easy runs and zoning out while watching scrapbooking videos.  That being said, I think my gym needs to keep up with the calibrating of the machines as I know one machine I was on last week was varying its speed and was not going the speed displayed on the monitor.  As a result the treadmill said I ran about a mile less than my Garmin said I had run. 

I shared my scrap journal with a friend this past week.  She loved it, which made me happy that I wasn’t doing too bad of a job at it.  She said it all looked pretty creative and she was inspired to start scrapbooking again.  That made me happy!

Since I’ve been working overtime a lot lately, I don’t get to do as many of my regular gym workouts as I would like to, so I hit the rowing machine on my lunch break during my overtime shifts.  It’s not a lot, but it’s about 100 calories in less than 15 minutes, so that’s better than nothing.  Plus it helps to perk me up when I’m starting to lag a bit after being awake for so long. 

I got so excited when I was FINALLY able to locate and download the Prisma app on my phone.  I’ve been seeing everyone editing their photos and making them all artsy-fartsy with the Prisma app and I’ve been sooooo jealous!  I had tried searching for it before and even though everywhere said that it was available on iPhone and Android, I wasn’t finding it in the Google Play store.  But this past week I DID find it there and boom I got it!  I have since been having loads of fun with the app!
I'm not sure if you'll remember, but a while back I had a dream about running the Boston Marathon in a powder blue bridesmaid-style dress.  Well, the other day, I went to Ross and was thumbing through their dress selection and in the clearance section of the rack, I found a dress.  And it's perfect!  So I bought it!

my "Boston dress"...Prisma style!

I’ve been taking some online classes for my jailer’s license, trying to bump up my license level.  I have no college, so in order to earn my master jailer’s license, I have to earn 1200 training hours and 20 years of service.  So, I have 6 years to earn a little over 330 more training hours.  Standard, I get at least 40 training hours provided to me by the agency I work for every 2 years.  So that’s 120 hours I don’t have to worry about.  That leaves over 200 hours I have to earn on my own.  So, I’ve been doing online classes and I have some elective training that will earn me training hour credits planned for this year and next year, so I’m looking forward to that.

I think I have discovered that if I go to bed after the sun is already all the way up (so, around 8am) that I can’t sleep more than a few hours.  Lame!  Oh well, it did make it quite easy to go to bed and actually go to sleep early Saturday night so I could get up early Sunday morning and be fairly well rested for my long run.  Which worked out great and I felt really good Sunday for that long run! 

Hit up Joe’s Crab Shack after my long run on Sunday with my friend David.  I got the Classic Steampot.  And then I played with my food.  My bib was pretty cool and pretty fitting for me as it said “show me your mussels.”  HA!  For dessert there was a s’mores brownie…da bomb!  And it was only $2!!!  Not sure if that was the usual price or just a lunch and/or weekend special price, but oh yea!
Pokewalk on the boardwalk at Ladybird Lake
I think I’m in love with Tuesday Morning’s scrapbook section.  I want to start raiding their fancy napkins and using them as backgrounds for pages in my scrap journal using matte mod podge.

My older cat has been literally plagued by hairballs the last few weeks.  Normally I just get the sensitive stomach/sensitive skin food for them because Vlad tosses his cookies easily and Oliver has allergies and gets itchy a lot.  So, I decided since the hairballs seem to be a more pressing issue that I would get the food to help with that and see how that works out. 

Something I saw in Trail Runner magazine this past week that really tickled me was this quote: “…those of us who decide to be lifelong runners make up a strong-willed herd of free-range wackos.”  I’m totally okay with being known as a free-range wacko.  Haha!

And now for a couple random things...
a great quote I saw in my IG feed
I'm starting to learn how to write pretty with my brush pens
another big A mug I bought this week
strawberry-banana vanilla protein waffles

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Marathon Training Week #6

Tuesday: rest day. 

Wednesday: ran about 6 miles on the tready.  I say “about” because there was discrepancy.  I seriously believe the treadmill that I was on was in serious need of calibration because it was about a mile off from what my Garmin said I ran. 

Thursday: another rest day.  However, I did do 2000 meters on the row machine on my overnight overtime shift.

Friday: time for some speed work!  I was going to do some back and forth sprints in the parking lot of my apartment complex, but at the last minute, decided I didn’t want to do that simply because of an out-and-back warm up AND cool down.  Meh to that!  So, instead I ran the 2 miles to a big church with a big parking lot at an easy pace to warm up.  I went to the far side of the parking lot so I’d be out of the way and started sprinting 50 meters with 50 meter recoveries.  I threw in the occasional 150 meter recovery when I was noticing my sprints were starting to slow down.  My fastest pace, probably only held for about 3 seconds, was a 4:47!!!  WHOA!  I did sprints for a mile, then ran the 2 miles back home nice and easy.  A GREAT workout!  This one will definitely get done again. 

Saturday: this was supposed to be a cross training day but I took it as a rest day because I was just so tired.  I did do 2000 meters on the row machine again on my overtime shift.

Sunday: long run day!!!  Did 14 total miles.  I did the last 3 miles as a “fast” finish.  I actually hit my long, slow run pace of 12+ min/mi and then around 10:45 min/mi for the final 3.  I felt great and strong for the whole run.

Monday: had an early morning appointment for some lab work before I have my annual physical next month, and since I was halfway from my apartment to Ladybird Lake trail, I drove there and did the 7 mile loop.


And week #6 is D-O-N-E!  I’m about or just over 1/3 of the way through my marathon training for the South Padre Island Marathon in November.  As each week goes by, I get more and more excited about seeing my hard work pay off.  I’m really hoping I can hit my goal.  And I’m going to go ahead and lay that out there right now…4 hours 20 minutes OR FASTER.  That would PR me by over 15 minutes.  I know I can do it.  The course is like 98.5% FLAT.  If I can run a 4:35 on a fairly hill marathon course, I can for sure do 4:20 on a flat course with a more educated training cycle.  This isn’t close to a perfect training cycle, but it’s definitely better than what I’ve done in the past where I basically just logged the miles and did a smidge of hill training in prep for the Austin marathon earlier this year.  I’ve been doing speed work and some MGP runs.  But I do need to up my game and do ACTUAL tempo runs where I’m running between half and 10K paces for 80% of the distance I’m running.  And I should probably be doing these tempo runs the day after my long run so I can get my legs used to running faster when they’re a little tired. 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Week in Review 8/20/16

Saturday: ran a “half” marathon.  It was about .3 of a mile short.  But, that’s okay, I was just using it as a long run anyway, so I’m not super concerned about it.  It turned out the course was mostly a cross country style course.  I wasn’t expected that, but I was happy with it.  It made it unique and fun.  (stay tuned for a race recap…wow I am seriously behind in those…I think I now owe you guys 4!!!)

Sunday: participated in a sports bra/shirtless run this day.  One of the ladies I’m “friends” with on Instagram posted a couple weeks ago about it and I said I wanted in.  I didn’t realize it was going to be this huge group of people, but it’s awesome that it was!  The group run was only about 1.5 miles.  I wanted to run more than that and so did one of the other ladies, Staci.  So her and I ran another 6-ish miles for a total of 7.5 miles!  She has a generally faster pace than I do and so, while I was going to have this be an easy run, it ended up being an almost MGP run.  But I felt great and my breathing was still conversational.  My legs felt really good, and I didn’t feel tired or sluggish, so I wasn’t pushing myself harder than was good for me.

Monday: ran 4 slow miles on the tready.  Then I actually did my strength training!!!  YAY!  I did the ab coaster 2 with 40# loaded on it, back extensions with a 25# plate, then unweighted oblique extensions.  I wanted to do planks and pikes too, but I just wasn’t feeling a longer workout.  Gotta stop giving into that laziness.  Ha.

Tuesday:  worked overtime Monday night, so no workout or run on this day.

Wednesday: ran for 65 minutes on the tready for about 6 miles.  Then, I did my lower body strength workout.  I did leg curls, leg extensions, inner & outer thigh machines, and slow/fast calf raises.
love my facial expressions in these pics...haha
Thursday: overtime again.  Wah wah.  I did do a 2000 meter row on my lunch break on the night shift in 9 min 9 sec.  Not bad, but not great either.  BUT!  I was in full uniform, so I take that in account. 

Friday: ran 2 easy miles to a church with a large parking lot, then went to the very far side of the parking lot so I’d be out of the way of any traffic and ran 50 meter sprints with 50-150 meter recoveries in between.  When I got home and was checking my stats, the fastest I went (which was probably only for like 3 seconds…ha) was 4:47 min/mi pace!  WHOA!  Even for just a few seconds, that’s pretty epic.  So I did sprints with recoveries for a mile in the parking lot, then ran the 2 miles back home nice and easy.


It’s just amazing to me that I’m STILL losing weight.  Another 3.2 pounds down this week!  How is that possible?!?!?!  I mean, I’m not complaining…not even slightly.  But I am just amazed.

As I mentioned in this week’s Random Musings post, I’ve “officially” changed my goal weight to 145.  If you check out my little LilySlim ticker at the top of this page right under my blog banner, you’ll notice that I changed it on there.  I have done a lot of thinking about my goal weight.  I wasn’t going to make the new goal public, but I decided, like I said, after a lot of thought, that I should go ahead and make it public and just put it out there.  I think this is the right thing for me.  I just want to be healthy and to really, really love what I see in the mirror.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love what I see in the mirror, I just want to “fine tune” it, you know?

And speaking of fine tuning what I see in the mirror…I was flexing my legs in the mirror yesterday morning and I CAN SEE MY MUSCLES GUYS!!!!  Like there is actual definition and I can see the separation of the muscles in my quads.  It’s not just one big smooth upper leg.  Now you can see why they’re called “quads.”  I love this!  My body fat is dropping every week and as it does, the results are just fantastic and amazing to me.  Talk about self-motivating! 

This week and the next at least 4 weeks I’ll be working 3 shifts of overtime a week which will definitely impact what I’m able to do with my workouts.  As far as my strength training goes, I will probably just focus almost solely on abs/core and glutes/legs for now.  I’ll also probably be leaning heavily on the treadmill, especially on the days I decide to strength train, that way I can make sure I get both my run and my strength done.  I will probably also start doing a run to and from the gym once a week…or at least, I’d like to do that.  We’ll see if it actually happens.  We all know how you make plans and then they don’t happen for one reason or another.  I think I did pretty good this week.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Marathon Training Week #5

Sorry I’m posting this WAY late this week.  I completely spaced on Tuesday and then I posted my Random Musings on Wednesday and didn’t feel like posting twice in one day, so that meant this got moved to today and being a super late post.

Tuesday: 5 tready miles, slow and steady.  Took me 61 minutes to complete it.  still recovering from the night trail half most likely.  Had a 12:17 pace.

Wednesday: rest day, worked overtime Tuesday night.

Thursday: there wasn’t going to be a workout at all this day as I worked overtime again Wednesday night but I was itching to do something, so I went to the gym after work and hit the tready.  Was going to do 3 miles, but my earphones started dying, so I bumped the pace all the way up to 7 mph the last .3 miles and finished out 2.5 miles at an average 10:32 pace.  Also used my new Garmin on the treadmill and it was almost dead on with what the treadmill said.

Friday: cross training on the stairclimber and the elliptical.

Saturday: ran a cross country style almost half marathon.  I loved that the terrain was off road, even if it wasn’t trail running.  I do enjoy cross country running as well.  A nice, overall average pace of 11:02.  Really good pacing considering the terrain.

Sunday: met up with a bunch of people off social media for a social shirtless run.  The group run was only about 1.5 miles and I did that around an 11:00 pace, then I ran another about 6 miles with a lady that is much faster than me and we ran close to a 10:00 pace for the majority of that last 6 miles.  It wasn’t actually too fast for me, but it’s definitely faster than I would have ran had I run those miles solo.

Monday: just a tready run with some strength training.  Knocked out 4 miles on the tready at an 11:34 average pace.
not sure if the treadmill or my Garmin was off here


And that’s week #5!  Another great week in my opinion.  As always, things can be better or improved or added to the mix.  For instance, I didn’t do any speedwork this week.  I really need to make sure that I do that.  And I really want to do it on Mondays.  Why?  Because I do my long runs on Sunday and if I do my speedwork on Monday, then my legs are tired from running long on Sunday so then they’ll be trained to run fast when they’re tired.  So, I definitely need to get on the ball with my speed training.

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