Monday, January 2, 2012

The Beginning

Yesterday began my new regimen of fitness and health.  I’m not overdoing it.  Some people resolve to workout every day or to regimentally eat only healthy foods all the time or eat only so many calories a day.  Sure, I have a guideline of calories to stay within, but if I go over it’s not the end of the world and I’m not going to stress out over it.

I didn’t workout yesterday because I haven’t vowed to workout every day.  I have only resolved to workout for at least an hour a day on the days that I am off from work or that I only work a half day, which amounts to four days a week.  All I did yesterday was to start logging what I eat on’s nutrition tracker.  I only forgot to save the packaging for one item that I ate while at work so I wasn’t able to enter the dark chocolate covered bits of dried plums in the tracker.  Slip-ups happen and that will just be a slip-up that I won’t stress over. 

Today, I started the workout portion of my resolutions for this new year.  I popped in my new Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 game into my Xbox and went along with it for about 40 minutes.  I loved it.  I love that you can go to the “My Objectives” option and it will tailor a workout program for you based on your current activity level and your goals.  It will “flag” the activities available that it wants you to do on a specific day so that you know what to do to reach your goal.  For me, it laid out a 30 minutes three times a week plan.  Even though I have decided that I wasn’t going to workout on days that I work, I can make an exception for a session that is only 30 minutes, that way I don’t detract from my fitness dvd workouts.

Last week, I bought Sparkpeople’s new workout dvd, 28-day Boot Camp, led by their professional trainer, Coach Nicole.  I did it for an hour last Thursday afternoon.  There is a total of 84 minutes on the dvd and I was able to complete 54 of those minutes before feeling the need to stop.  Sure, I probably could have pushed myself and finished the dvd, but I probably would have regretted it.  At the 54 minutes, I felt I had done just the right amount without overdoing it.

Today I bought a new workout dvd.  This one is Jillian Michaels’ Ripped in 30.  I will be trying to complete an hour of that dvd this afternoon.  And I’m actually looking forward to doing it.  This is such a wonderful change from last summer, when I had the gym membership and completely dreaded going and working out.  I ended up canceling my gym membership because I just stopped going.  I found an excuse and stopped going.  I had completely lost my motivation and had no inspiration to fuel me.  I didn’t have the extra money to hire a personal trainer, which I know would have made an enormous difference for me.

Through a magazine ad, I became aware of a free workout dvd, also by Jillian Michaels, called 30 Day Shred.  There seems to be a theme going on with the month long program workout dvds.  I like them because you can mix and match different segments of the dvd to create a different workout every time you use the dvd.

I know there’s a chance that I won’t reach my goal of ridding myself of between 33 and 37 pounds by July 1st, but that won’t keep me from being optimistic.  Not this time.  This time, I will do what needs to be done to stay motivated and keep myself inspired…and to have fun while doing it.  If I don’t reach my weight loss goal by July 1st, then I will sign myself up for 2 months of CrossFit classes.  I *know* that will kick everything else into gear and will make sure I reach my goal.

I’m going to do the Reboot 15-day cleanse ( at least once during this weight loss journey.  I’m going to do it this month, starting on the 15th of this month.  It will help me lose between 5 and 10 pounds, which will be a nice jumpstart my journey.  Why am I not going ahead and doing it now, you ask?  Well, because I want to ease into it.  First, I want to focus on just tracking what I eat and getting used to eating less food than I am used to eating by eating a higher quality of food.  I figure 14 days is a good amount of time to do that and then I can jump to the cleanse and really kick my weight loss into overdrive for 15 days. 

When I’ve done the cleanse in the past, I was only able to stick with it for 12 out of the 15 days before my cravings for fried chicken or whatnot took over and I caved in to them.  See, this cleanse is completely meat free and processed food free.  It is all vegetable.  If you are someone that loves their meat and think you cannot live without partaking of flesh, you will change your tune when you make the recipes involved in the cleanse.  You will not even miss the meat; trust me because I absolutely LOVE eating meat.  But some of my all-time favorite recipes have come from this cleanse.  This cleanse is extremely flavorful and delectable and hearty.

I have yet to think up rewards for myself for sticking to my goals.  I already get my nails done every payday, so that’s out.  I could treat myself to a pedicure, but since it’s winter and no one except me would be seeing my pretty toes, that just doesn’t hold any luster for myself.  So, maybe an article of clothing.  For instance, there is this skirt I saw in a magazine, and another one online, that I really want.  They both cost around $280.  One is made with feathers and the other is made with handmade crochet.  Or, I could reward myself with a new tattoo.  Yes, I think those will do nicely.  I will reward my progress by the end of February, which should be 11 pounds, with a new tattoo (wings on the backs of my arms) and 2 months later, I’ll have to think of something because I don’t want to get one of the skirts until I’ve reached my goal so that I don’t spend almost $300 on something that won’t fit me anymore if I lose another 10 pounds.  So, maybe another tattoo for the 4 month, 22 pound, mark.  What do you think?  Give me your ideas.

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  1. so proud of you girl, and I completely agree about not stressing over the weight loss. I think if I am going to get this done right, its going to be a full lifestyle do what I can when I can but not give up kind of change.


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