Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Diet & Substitution

I am really looking forward to making healthier choices for myself.  I’m looking forward to working out 4 days a week and eating better foods.  I’m looking forward to making healthier versions of my favorite foods.  Sure, I’m going to miss pizza and hamburgers and cheap Chinese food.  But, you know what, in the long run, it’s completely worth every little sacrifice.

But, you know what?  I don’t actually have to do without any of those foods.  I’m going to buy myself a new pizza stone.  I have a great recipe for whole wheat pizza dough and I can load it up with veggies and part skim mozzarella cheese.  I can even learn to make my own pizza sauce instead of using a bottle sauce that’s loaded with sodium.  I can make my own hamburgers with lean beef or even ground turkey on a whole wheat bun.  And healthy Chinese food is easy to find recipes for.

I want to buy a Paleo and a clean eating cookbook.  That way I can vary my foods even more and both are healthy ways of eating without processed junk in them.

I created a recipe I named Pistachio Shrimp.  I look forward to creating more recipes.  It felt good to create.  I love doing that.  The Pistachio Shrimp recipe is great.  It’s only got 325-450 calories per serving depending on how much you want in a serving and 29 or more grams of protein!  The only drawback is that it is a little high in fat, but it’s good fat from the pistachios, so that’s alright.

I love to cook.  I love to bake.  I just don’t do it enough…nowhere near enough.  This resolution to be more active and eat healthier will cause me to pay more attention to myself and to my needs.  I need to take the time to actually take care of myself.

I found some whole grain and healthier cereals at the grocery store.  I haven’t eaten breakfast for a few months and now I want to start eating breakfast because I know it’s important to my ability to lose weight to actually eat breakfast.  Another thing I need to start doing is sitting down to eat at my dining room table instead of noshing on the tv tray while sitting on the couch and watching tv.  I could still leave the tv on while I eat, or I could turn on some music. 

When I make a pasta dish, I want to start using whole wheat pastas.  And, like with the pizza sauce, I want to learn how to make my own pasta sauces so I can cut out a large amount of sodium and processed products that they put in commercial pasta sauces.  I can learn how to make a somewhat healthier version of an alfredo sauce too because I absolutely LOVE fettuccine alfredo with shrimp or chicken.  It’s one of my favorites.  Something else I want to learn how to make is crab cakes.  Or lobster cakes.  Or salmon patties.  Or all three.

Something I used to make many years ago was a salmon quesadilla.  They were really tasty.  And healthy too.  I just found a recipe for it, so I’m going to make them.  I will probably have to tweak the recipe a little bit because as it is it reigns it at 664 calories per serving.  I need to try and cut about 150 calories, if not more, out of it.  I can try to do that by switching the regular flour tortillas for whole wheat ones.  But, if I’m not able to really cut much out, I suppose I can just cut out my snack for the day to allow for the extra calories in the quesadillas.

Another food I love and is easy to make is hummus.  I just have to figure out something other than tortilla or pita chips to eat it with.  Probably carrots and cucumbers would be good.  Or I can wrap it in lettuce and eat it like a taco.

I like to eat a salami and cheese sandwich.  The bread I have is 130 calories per slice.  The cotto salami is 80 and the cheese is also 80.  Then the mayo is another 80 calories.  So, what I’ve decided to do is to cut out the mayo (of course) and replace it with a whole grain mustard.  Then, I’m going to cut out one of the slices of bread.  That’ll bring the sandwich down from 490 calories down to 280 calories!  How great is that?

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