Monday, January 23, 2012

Eating Out

When I weighed in yesterday, I was down another 2.2 pounds from last week. Hooray!  Speaking of last week, I ended up reweighing myself the day after my weigh in because of certain bathroom activities and it turned out I had lost 5 pounds that week.  This brings my grand total up to 12.4 pounds lost in 3 weeks!  That’s incredible!

I wear a uniform to work (I work in law enforcement).  I have noticed that my uniform is no longer tight and is actually starting to fit slightly loose.  My jeans that I wear outside of work are starting to get loose as well.  Another 10 pounds and I’m sure I’ll need to go down a size in jeans.  I’m excited about that.  If I keep up at the 2-ish pounds a week, I should be at that point in about 5 weeks, so the middle of February.

I am happy to report that I am still enjoying working out.  I’m still getting the feeling of being a slacker if I don’t workout like I have planned.  Yesterday, for instance, I did an hour long workout in the morning and then spent the day with friends.  I wasn’t going to work out in the evening because it would have been after 8pm when I had the chance to workout.  During the 7pm hour, I debated on it.  When 8pm came around, I had decided that I would do up to a 30 minute workout with my Your Shape Xbox game. 

Speaking of working out, Saturday morning I did one of my new workout DVDs.  This one is a Bob Harper strength training DVD.  It has a 20 minute and a 60 minute workout on it.  I did the 20 minute one the other evening and it was relatively easy to complete.  So, I figured the hour long one wouldn’t be too bad.  Oh my goodness.  I was mistaken.  It was a very challenging workout.  I had to hit pause multiple times to rest so I could continue to do the exercises as close to properly and with good form as possible.  That was Saturday morning.  Today is Monday.  I am still sore from that workout.  It was definitely a good one.  Worth its cost and then some.  I will be doing that one once a week, pairing it with the upper body DVD I found.  Not on the same day, but each one once a week.

I ate out twice this weekend.  I’m very proud of myself for making smart choices and planning ahead to know what I could calorically afford to eat.  The first time was at Applebee’s.  They have this new section of the menu that has 5 meals under 550 calories.  So I was able to get a big sirloin steak, herbed potato wedges and veggies for only 450 calories!  The second time was at Red Lobster.  I KNOW!  Who would have thought you could be counting calories and actually be able to eat at Red Lobster without drastically exceeding your daily calorie limit?  I was very surprised.  I got the lunch portion of the shrimp linguini alfredo.  I splurged and had 2 of their cheese biscuits, which did make me go about 200 calories over my limit for the day, but I’m fine with that.  Every other day of the week, I’m sticking to my calorie limit like superglue.  So I’m not worried about one day of going over.

I did my cooking for this week on Saturday.  I made some venison chili con carne and some roasted eggplant parmesan with spaghetti squash.  The chili is about 400 calories per serving.  But, let me tell you what I’m most proud of: the eggplant dish.  “Traditional” fried eggplant parmesan with pasta is around 1100 calories.  My roasted variety is only 230 calories!  How awesome is that?!?!  I haven’t tasted it yet, but I’m sure it’s every bit as good as the fried version, but sooooo much better for you!

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