Saturday, January 28, 2012


I can feel myself starting to slide in my determination ever so slightly.  This scares me, but I will head it off.  I will make sure I don’t derail myself.  I remembered yesterday that some of my workout DVDs have multiple workouts on them in a week 1-4 or level 1-3 form.  I had only done the week or level one workouts so far, so I have started with the week or level 2 workouts.  Also, I have a boot camp workout on one disc that I haven’t done at all yet that I can throw in the mix.  I have to mix it up a little.  Besides, it’s been 3 weeks now, I’m starting to get into my groove with it all, so maybe it’s not that I’m losing some determination, but that I’m just getting settled in.

Thinking of it as getting settled in is a lot easier to grasp than thinking I’m losing some of my drive, my focus, my determination and, ultimately, my motivation.  That’s what I’m more afraid of than anything else.  I’m so afraid that I’ll get bored with my workouts and that I will just start skipping them and making excuses for not doing them.

My friend, Jessica, is coming to visit me in May.  We’ve already been hard at work discussing ways to stay active and not slack off on our workouts.  We already plan to cook everything we eat…no eating out for us.  Well, maybe once, for some chicken fajitas, but that’s it.  The grocery store is about a 45 minute walk from my place.  So, I’ll don my backpack and we’ll take the hike to the store and shop for our dinner.  We’ll get an hour and a half worth of walking done.  Also, we’re going to see about scoring 2 free week passes to a gym for the week that she’s here.  Otherwise, we’ll end up having to take turns working out to DVDs in the living room.  There isn’t enough room for 2 people to work out simultaneously in my living room.  But we’re also going to take a trek around the lake (about 10 miles) and go to the botanical gardens and the little local zoo.  We’re going to have a lot of fun while she’s here!

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  1. I so can't wait. I was going to call the gym's around there before I come, to see if we can score those passes too, I can pay for a week too, I will call from Wisconsin and order it... lol, they'd have to give me some kind of deal dontcha think. Don't give up on the weight, I know you can do it! I am down to the 230's now... best I've done in years! Headed back to the gym today, regardless of what homework still needs done. Love you!


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