Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weighing In

Coming into this week’s weigh-in, I was expecting less of a loss than last week’s 5.4 pounds.  I was expecting a 1-2 pound loss.  I know all about what the Biggest Loser has dubbed the “week 2 curse.”  The first week, you lose some actual weight mixed with some water weight and the second week you level off a little before starting on a [hopefully] steady weekly loss beginning with week 3.  So, I was a little sad when I stepped on the scale this morning and was greeted by the exact same number, down to the 1/10th of a pound as I received at last week’s weigh-in.

I was sad, yes, but I was not discouraged.  I will not let this derail me or my efforts.  I will continue to workout with the same drive and commitment that I have been.  In fact, it may even spur me to workout with more conviction that I have been…not that I can see how that would actually be possible.  I’ve been pretty well dedicated to this journey of mine so far.  I already workout anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour and a half a day, every day.  And I’m already doing a great job of sticking to less than 1300 calories a day. 

My new workout DVDs will arrive in the mail later this week.  Once I get those, I’ll be able to add a little more variety to my workouts.  I’m really looking forward to that.  It will help keep the spice in my relationship with exercise.  And that is extremely important to me…as it should be.  I would say it’s almost as important as having a healthy relationship with yourself.  You have to know yourself quite well.  You have to know what you find fun and what exercises work for you so you can have a quality workout. 

If I can keep up the good work I’ve been able to keep up for the past 2 weeks, I know I will see a loss when I weigh in next Sunday.  Sure, it will most likely only be 1 to 2 pounds, but that is perfectly fine with me.  Any loss at all, no matter how small, is still a step in the right direction.

I bought a new digital scale the other day, a Biggest Loser one that not only measures your weight but also your body fat %, muscle mass %, body water %, and bone density %.  It will even tell you how many calories you need to eat to maintain the weight you are currently at…so you just eat less than that amount in order to lose weight.  Anyway, when I weighed myself this morning, I had to do it on both my old digital scale and the new, fancier one.  There was a 6.2 pound difference in what they said I weighed.  The old one always said I weighed about 8 pounds less than what the doctor’s scale said.  The new one basically makes it so I’m within 2 pounds of what the doctor’s scale says.  Sure that upped the total amount of weight I need to lose in order to reach my goal weight, but that’s okay, it’s only another 6 pounds.  I can lose 39 pounds in 6 months.  That comes out to 6.5 pounds per month, which is completely doable.

I’ve decided that I the TV dinners, even though they’re the healthier ones, have too much white carbohydrates in them.  So, my solution is to simply start cooking my dinners as well as my lunches.  I will make something protein heavy and will load up my plate with veggies such as freshly steamed green beans (my favorite!) or roasted brussell sprouts (another favorite!).  I will still eat carbs at dinner, I will just control them more, making sure I’m getting whole grain instead of white ones.  On cooking day, I’ll just make 2 different dishes that will last me 4 days each.

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