Friday, March 9, 2012


OMG!  I have muscles!  Or…well…I’ve had them all along, but now you can kind of see them…especially my thigh muscles.  I love those ones.  Makes my legs look better.  And now that I have the gym membership, I’ll be able to build even more muscles and tone them up and look all nice and trim.  I’m really looking forward to doing the circuit training twice a week.  Plus, the gym has classes on how to use all the machinery.  The group trainer for the gym talked to me while I was riding the stationary bike yesterday and told me that if I sign up for one of the classes that no one else has signed up for that he’ll help me tailor a workout plan for me with the free weights.  WOOHOO!  So, I’ll make sure to do that.  I’ll sign up for the early Monday morning or Friday morning class.  Hopefully I will luck out.

I’m really looking forward to what I can do with a gym membership this time around.  The last 2 times I had one it didn’t really work out for me.  Last time was the worst.  I dreaded the gym.  I paid almost $50 a month for my membership and so I felt more obligated to use it…like I was chained to it.  The time before that, I ended up in a relationship that consumed me and I just stopped going.  This time, I have nothing to distract me and it’s only $20 a month at this gym, so I don’t have all that added pressure from myself because my membership fee is high.  The only sad thing is that when I move to Oregon next year, I’ll have to find a membership at a different gym because Planet Fitness doesn’t have any locations in Oregon.

I’m all happy because I put on what used to be my favorite bikini last night and I don’t look half bad in it.  It fit, sort of.  My boobs are bigger than they were the last time I wore it, so the top barely covered me.  I threw the bikini away because when I was putting it on, the elastic was all crunchy.  It *has* been almost 3 years since I wore it.  It’s time for a new one.  That will be one of my rewards for my weight loss…a brand new, sexy bikini!  I will wait until my friend comes to visit me in May before I get a new one.  She wants to go swimming while she’s here, so right before she arrives, I’ll go bikini shopping and find a killer suit.  I think that will be the best reward I can give myself…the confidence in myself to wear something as revealing as a bikini.

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