Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Comfort Zones

This week’s excuse on Biggest Loser was “I don’t want to leave my comfort zone.”  For the longest time, my comfort zone was comforting myself with food.  Food was where I hid myself.  The feeling of euphoria I got from stuffing my face.

On January 1st, I thrust myself out of that comfort zone.  I made a commitment to myself to eat healthy and to embrace fitness and activity.  I have enjoyed myself so far.  Sure, there have been days where I woke up and I was like “ugh, I don’t wanna work out.”  There have been days where I just wanted to lay around and watch tv, days where I wanted to sleep in an extra hour on my day off instead of getting up and getting in my first workout for the day.

2 weeks ago, I moved myself out of the comfort zone I had acclimated to with my exercise routine.  All I was doing for 2 months was workout DVDs and my Your Shape fitness game for my Xbox.  Sure I have a good little library of workout DVDs that I can rotate so my body isn’t doing the same thing day in and day out…which keeps the plateaus at bay.  I started a vacation from work.  I had no plans to go anywhere; it was just 16 days off from work.  So, my plans were to work out as much as I could and to make the best of the time I had given myself.  And I challenged myself to lose at least 4 lbs before returning to work.  Within the first 11 days, I had already lost 5 lbs.

A week after going on vacation, I pushed myself out of yet another comfort zone that I had fallen into.  I was doing great with my eating and with cooking healthy meals for myself and with making good choices with food substitutions.  Last fall, I did a fruit/veggie/juice cleanse (can be found at www.jointhereboot.com if you’re interested in trying it).  I had decided when I first started this journey on January 1st that I was going to do the cleanse again and that March would be a good time to do it.  I figured I’d need the little weight loss boost that the cleanse offers.  When I did it last fall, I lost about 8 lbs in the 12 days I stuck with it.  I’m planning to stick with it for at least 11 days.  This Sunday marks day #11 for me and when I wake up on day #12 I will decide if I’m going to continue until day #15 or not.  It all just hinges on whether or not I’m craving cooked food…and meat.

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