Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Headed out for a 22-mile bicycle ride this morning. About 2 miles in, front tire went flat. Annoying, yes...but made me mad? Nope. I can change a tire on a car and on a bicycle. I'm independent and self sufficient like that. The problem with today was the wind. I knew it was a little windy out and I've ridden in the wind before. And it IS March, it's *supposed* to be windy. Well, this wasn't some little spring breeze. No sir. If it wasn't blowing me all over the road, it was blowing against me, head-on, making me unable to get any kind of speed going. It was making my ride miserable and that's the LAST thing I want a bicycle ride to be because I LOVE cycling. So, I made the difficult decision to cut my ride short. Instead of the 22 miles I had *planned* to ride, I only did 7.6 miles. I was thinking maybe i could just go for a 15-mile ride this afternoon, but I think the wind is supposed to keep up all day, so I'll just try again tomorrow for the 22-mile ride. I'll make up the exercise by doing a Bob Harper workout dvd or two later this afternoon. *Sigh* Good thing I have back up plans I can fall back on when things like this happen. Also, good thing I'm resourceful and flexible and am great at thinking under pressure.

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