Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Gym

Today, I went and got myself a gym membership again.  I hope I can stick with it this time and that it doesn't end up discouraging me and depressing me like the membership I had last year did.  I think the problem with that one was that I just wasn't really in the right "place" yet and wasn't ready for the commitment of a gym membership.

Already, it was a nice alternative to my regular exercise.  I had planned on doing a 22-25.5 mile bicycle ride this morning, but when I headed out, it was windy AGAIN and the air felt like rain.  I had planned to go get the gym membership this afternoon, but changed plan and got it this morning.  Did 2 hours on the stationary bike for 1200 calories burned.  How about that?  Nice start to the day.  Sweated completely thru my shirt...I was SOAKED!  Guess I need to remember to take a towel with me next time.  Lol!

I got my membership at Planet Fitness so they have that wonderful 30-minute circuit training area.  This afternoon, at about 2, I will head back to the gym for 2 cycles thru the 30-minute circuit training.  If I keep up the cardio between the weight machines, I should burn another 700 calories doing the circuit training.  They have these stair steps for the cardio segments, but I plan to do jumping jacks or jump rope for the 30 seconds between the weights.

I think this is a quality addition to my workout repertoire and will do me nothing but good.  It's definitely good that I can now do a strength training session at least twice a week now.  Something that I really needed.

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