Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Starting Fresh

I’ve got to start being accountable to myself.  I was doing so good and then I had a few slip ups and I got away from being as close to 100% accountable as I can be.  I started leaving things out of my food journal that I had binged on and that weren’t part of my planned eating for the day.  All I’m doing when I do that is lying to myself.  It doesn’t mean that the calories weren’t consumed.  Far from it.  It just means that I don’t know the full extent of what I did on those days. 

Yesterday I started fresh.  I’m going to stick to my calories and the “right” types of food.  I will be eating the foods that are more beneficial for me.  For instance, for dinner tonight, I will have a 4 oz ribeye steak, some baked zucchini, and some sautéed mushrooms and onions.  I’m really looking forward to eating all that.  Also, for my lunches, I bought some whole wheat bagel thins (less than half the calories of 2 slices of bread), some ham lunchmeat and some reduced fat cheddar cheese for making sandwiches for lunch. 

Today, I will go do some grocery shopping after work.  Nothing fancy because I still have to get in a workout.  So, just what I can get done in 10 minutes or less.  I’ll need some veggies and some protein and some yogurt.  I want to start making baked veggies to go with my protein for dinner.  And I want to take fresh fruits and veggies with me to work to snack on, also Greek yogurt to mix with berries for snacks.  I think I’m going to eat whole grain oatmeal for breakfast for a while.

On Friday or Saturday, I’ll start back up with cooking for up to 6 days worth of meals at a time.  Portion control is so much easier when you cook up a dish and then divvy it up and store it in the individual serving sizes.  I don’t know yet what I’ll make.  Maybe a meatloaf for dinners and a casserole of some sort with chicken for lunches.    I will have to flip through all my recipes that I have and figure something out.

Sunday, I’m going to the renaissance fair with some friends.  That will be a planned splurge day for me as they really don’t have healthy food options available.  But it’s only one day out of the week and it’s at the beginning of my week so I have all week to burn off the excess calories from the day.  I’m hoping this coming Sunday is a more positive day for me than this recently passed Sunday.

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