Sunday, April 1, 2012

Good Weekend

A few good things happened for me today.  I weighed myself, it being Sunday, and I had only regained 3 lbs over the month of March.  Sure, a 3 lb gain in just a month is a big amount, except that the last 4.4 lbs I lost, I lost in one week as a kind of fluke.  And really, I gained it back the following week, so I sort of actually lost about 1.4 lbs in all of March.  Not a terribly productive month, especially considering I had lost 12 lbs a month each in the previous 2 months.  But, with how I’ve been eating over the past few weeks, I’m okay with it.  Today marks a restart for me.

It was my first day back at the central booking facility in the jail where I work.  So happy to be back in booking!  But there is a problem.  I’m doing my refresher training on day shift, which means I’m subject to parking meters without an assigned parking spot in the parking garage.  Parking would run me $6/day, $18/week, $36/biweekly, and $72/month.  That’s my cable bill!!!  Well, I got a bit of good news when i checked my work email today...I have a temporary parking spot assigned to me in the parking garage for while I’m doing my training.  I’ll be going to the overnight shift once I’m done with training and won't have to worry about parking at all at that point.  YAY!

And now, I’m enjoying Frozen Earth on Discovery channel on my newly hooked up cable tv!  That’s the other good news...I got cable for the first time in almost 3 years yesterday.  I spent a good amount of time programming my DVR to record all sorts of shows over the next week.  I have no idea when I’ll actually watch all the shows.  Hahaha.  But I have them!  Really, the only time I absolutely HAVE to watch what is on tv in the evenings is on Tuesdays when Biggest Loser comes on, so the rest of the time, I can enjoy my recorded shows.

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  1. that's awesome news that you are going to save on parking. I often wonder why we charge workers to park any where. I mean, we're forced to work right?


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