Monday, May 28, 2012

Man vs House

One of the guys at work has said that he can hook me up with a guy that I would like.  I like the idea, but I’m not sure I like the long term implications of it.  I mean, if he succeeds and finds a guy that I really do like and start dating him, then there is a lot about how my life is currently that will have to change.  Or, maybe not HAVE to change, but it is highly likely that it would change.  The plans I’ve made with my guy friend would pretty much no longer be.  For instance, we have a trip in his RV planned to go see the cliff dwellings in Colorado, the Grand Canyon and maybe Carlsbad Cavern next spring.  Then, the following year, we’re planning to go to Hawaii for a week or so. 

Also, this friend helps me out a lot with repairs on my car…I’m not sure how that would change…I actually hope that part wouldn’t have to change.  But there would be thank you dinners that I would take him out for that the new boyfriend might not approve of.  But then, I’m not seeking someone else’s approval of anything I do.  But the road trips and vacations of just me and him would be a definite “no.” 

So, I’m thinking that if the co-worker does find me a nice guy that’s taller than me and has tattoos and isn’t a pushover pansy or a total control freak, then it’s going to have to be a relationship that is somewhat casual and not exactly serious.  I mean, I won’t be dating anyone else and I would hope he’s not either, but unless he’s also a mechanic that can take over helping me with the repairs on my car, then I don’t see myself committing my life to him.  Also, I would want someone that would actually want to take roadtrips to those places with me and who could afford to take me to Hawaii.  I guess you could say that I can more easily list what I want in a house to buy than I can in a guy to date.

Speaking of….

I’ve been doing a fair amount of thinking about what I want in a house if I do end up buying in a couple years.  I’ve been thinking of what are the major things that I need to be sure of in a house that I want to buy.  I’ve come up with a short list to include the roof being in good condition, the a/c unit being replaced within the past 5 years, the fence in good condition, and no structural problems (to include termites).  That is the list of MUST haves. 

On my list of wants, I include a window over the kitchen sink.  I’d like to be able to grow herbs or small flowering plants in the window.  I’d also like a high window in the shower area.  I’d like an en suite bathroom for the master bath and a second bathroom for guests.  That way, my bathroom can be a mess and it doesn’t matter because the guest bathroom will be kept nice and tidy.  A deck off the back of the house or a nice sized patio would be great for get-togethers with friends. 

Things I want to do after I’ve bought the house are to create a water feature in the backyard.  I want a small pond with a waterfall that I can put fish in.  I want to build some raised garden boxes so that I can plant a small garden with zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes, maybe strawberries and some other things that would be nice to have fresh.  I have some pretty good plans for a house if I do indeed buy one.  And I really do think I will prefer to buy over rent.

So, to put it simply, it is easier for me to say what I want/need in a house than what I want/need in a man.

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