Thursday, May 24, 2012

Plans To Stay

So, I’ve recently decided that I’m going to remain in Texas…at least until I retire from my current job.  And I guess I could stop calling it a job and refer to it as what it has actually become: my career.  I have 15½ years left before I’m eligible for retirement.  I’ll still be relatively youngish…50.  That’s still young enough to get training in another, non-physically demanding field (I’m thinking medical billing and coding or something similar) and work that until I can no longer work.

After I had come to this decision, my apartment complex found out about my cat, Vladimir.  I have gotten away with not paying the pet deposit for 3 years now.  It was bound to happen eventually that I would get found out.  So, I’ve now paid the pet deposit.  I figure that since I’ve paid the pet deposit I might as well get the second cat I’ve been wanting for quite some time now.  I’m going to make myself wait until the fall because I need to finish some repairs on my car first.  But I’ll be getting me an orange tabby.  If it’s a girl, I’ll name her Olivia.  If it’s a boy, Dexter.

On top of all this, I’ve decided that if I’m going to be staying in Texas for a while then I might as well make myself comfortable.  By that I mean that I don’t want to live in my apartment for the next 15½ years.  So, I’ve decided that, 2 years from now, I want to try to buy a house.  Might as well, right?  Then after I’ve reached retirement age, I will place the house on the market and when it sells is when I will turn in my notice at the jail and start making my plans to move to Oregon.


  1. wow. so your staying in texas. wow. that's a big surprise.

  2. i really don't have a choice. i don't want to get to oregon, get the job i want just to be laid off 2 years down the road. it's just safer to stay here until i retire then i'll have my retirement pay to support me. i guess a better title for this blog would have been "Resigned To Stay" as opposed to "Plans To Stay." it's not a decision i'm happy about, but i'm going to make the most of it that i can. now, say that you get your CPA and move to Oregon and open your own business and your offer of exec assistant to me is still open, then i would definitely drop everything here and make the move to Oregon immediately. but that is the only thing at this point that i think i would be able to justify leaving my "sure thing" that i have with my current job.

  3. that's a wish. I am $5000 short to finish my bachelors degree, and my CPA is going to cost another $30,000 if I am out of funding. So my dreams probably won't happen either. Life Sucks.

  4. we can still hope, tho, right? i'll always keep my fingers crossed that you'll be able to finish your degrees and get your CPA and fulfill your dreams, thereby fulfilling mine as well :) even if we're old when it happens, it could still maybe happen someday.

  5. Don't resign to it!!! You made the choice - ROCK IT!!!! In a way, this means no holding back. This means you took hold if your destiny and did a loving thing for your self - security in an unstable economy. That is a positive move. Bittersweet, no doubt, but now you're thinking of how you can build up - that's empowering :) I'm happy for you. It's time to branch out hun. You're getting assistance with the therapist and that's wonderful. You will have a fulfilling life on YOUR terms. Be it with a guy or without. You are succeeding and Oregon may have greener grass but you just need to metaphorically water that Texas grass :) and I can tell you already are!! All the best to you, Sara :)


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