Saturday, June 2, 2012

Buying My Future

The thought of moving is a little intimidating to me.  I’ve been in my apartment for 3 years now.  I’m used to it.  I feel safe in it.  Change is scary, even if it’s for the better.  Granted, I’m giving myself a little time to get used to the idea of moving into a bigger and better space where I will be comfortable living for the next 16 years.

Another thing is that I’m not just moving into a house, I’m planning on BUYING one.  Of course, it’s all dependent upon my passing the credit check to get approved for a true nothing down first time homebuyer’s loan.  If I can get approved for that around this time next year, then I will be buying a place next year in the early fall.  If I can’t get approved for it this time next year, I’ll give my credit another year to get a little better and try again the next year.

Something I’m excited about when I think about buying my own house is all the fun I’m going to have in the yard.  I want to build above ground planter boxes to plant a little garden in.  I want to grow zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes and maybe strawberries.  I want a covered patio with morning glories crawling up the posts and hanging down around the edges.  The patio can be stamped and stained concrete or it can be paving stones.  Or, it could even be a deck with a pergola with the morning glories all over the pergola.

Inside the house, I would prefer an open floorplan between the kitchen, dining room and living room.  That’s what I have now with my apartment and I really like it.  But if everything in the house I end up choosing is separated, that’s fine too, I’ll work with it.  I would like an en suite bathroom for the master bedroom and then a second bathroom that guests would use.  I want a 2-car garage.  I want to get rid of my storage unit and stop wasting that $91 a month on that.  Having a garage would help me do that.

Moving up and moving on with my life is my theme right now.  And doing little and affordable remodeling projects that I can do myself will help me grow personally.  I’ve done a little with laying tile, marble and slate thanks to that being my dad’s profession, so I can definitely demo the kitchen counters and backsplash and put in something that suits me better.  Also, the bathroom shower and vanity areas.

Settling into my new life in a house I can call my own will be beyond great for me.  I can work in the garden and get satisfaction there.  Maybe I can even have friends come over every now and then.  Heck, maybe I can even throw backyard parties.  I do plan to have a grill on the back patio.  I want to string white bulb lights around the patio area for a more intimate type of lighting.

But really, the whole point is that I will be taking control over a big part of my life.  Sure, it’s scary that I’ll be completely responsible for any and all repairs that may crop up around the house.  But I think it will be worth it overall.  It will help me to grow as a person and come into my own.  I’m 34 for crying out loud…it’s about time I did that!

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