Thursday, June 7, 2012


As it stands…right now…I haven’t worked out in over a month.  A whole month.  That’s a month’s worth of gym membership dues wasted and down the drain.  I’ve made excuses about why I couldn’t make the drive to the gym every day.  I needed to save money on the gas was one excuse.  But that’s not a good reason to not work out.  I have plenty of workout DVD’s in my apartment, including P90X, that I can take advantage of.  Yet, I chose not to.

Well, I’m going to stop with the excuses and the waffling.  Today.  Today is the last day of that.  Tomorrow, I start 16 days of vacation from work.  My only plans are to get back in the gym and into the habit of working out again, go to the beach with a friend, meet another friend for lunch and then who knows what else will come up.  But the focus will be me getting back in the habit of working out.  I’m going to put together a workout plan of strength training 3 days a week, circuit training 3 days a week and then a workout DVD or bicycling every day.

I just got done reading a book by Bob Harper titled Are You Ready!  Sure, the title isn’t exactly correct in that it should have a question mark, but I suppose it makes sense that way too.  Toward the end of the book, he makes this statement: “When you reconnect with your body and make this commitment to take care of yourself, you literally transform who you are in the world.”  I’m basing my recommitment to fitness on this statement.

Yes, it’s a Recommitment…my second commitment to it this year.  I hope I can stick with it this time.  I let a visiting friend steer me away from my daily workouts.  I should have known better.  In fact, I did know better.  I knew that if I didn’t work out for a few days in a row that it would be so very difficult to get back into the habit.  But maybe it was better this way.  Why do I say that?  Well, for one simple reason: I had gotten stagnant.  I was no longer losing any weight because I had fallen off the wagon with my healthy eating and was basically just breaking even and was maintaining the weight that I had lost.  So maybe this will be like hitting the reset button.  Maybe I can start showing some weight loss again and actually make it to my goal weight by my birthday in December. 

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