Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I had a little setback this week.  I went to start the P90X program this past Sunday only to find out the discs I had, which were copies of copies of the program, didn’t work properly and so I was unable to start it.  Instead of just popping in another one of my workout dvd’s, I simply gave up.  Thankfully, I didn’t binge.  I just gave up and got in the shower and loafed around on the couch until it was time to go to work.  I was going to try to convince myself to just buy the program new from Beachbody itself, but then I realized that I could possibly find the program used on Craigslist for a lot cheaper.  I found one set for $50, messaged the guy but never heard back from him.  So, I messaged the guy that had it for $30.  That guy messaged me back only to tell me that his set was copies, but they were copies straight from the original and were in picture perfect condition and did come with all the documents that the original program comes with.  Plus, it has 3 discs that I don’t have in my copies of copies.  So that’s a bonus.  I figure, if the discs turn out to be bunk, I only spent $30 on them.  But I’m hoping they work as good as he says they do.  So, I will be starting P90X this coming Sunday and I really couldn’t be more excited about it.  Of course, I’m anxious about it, like I am about starting or doing anything new.  I’m afraid I won’t get bitten by the exercise bug, which I shouldn’t even worry about because I ALWAYS get bitten by the exercise bug, I just have to take the first steps and actually start exercising and it is pretty much guaranteed to happen. 

I’m really hoping that P90X becomes my exercise salvation.  I need something that I look forward to doing every day, something that inspires me to get out of bed in the morning.  I need to sweat.  I need to exert myself.  I need the stress relief.  I know that once I’ve started exercising regularly again, what I’m eating will just fall into place.  I will crave healthier foods.  I will no longer long for junk foods like pizza and cheeseburgers.  Baked chicken, baked fish and loads of grilled and steamed veggies will be what my body wants more than anything else.

I’ve already taken my beginning measurements and pictures.  I was sad to see that of the 24 pounds I lost at the beginning of this year, I had regained 20 of them.  Ugh.  That puts me back at 205.  And that means that I now have upwards of 45 pounds left to lose, instead of just 30 or 35.  I’ve set a goal timeframe of getting below 170 by my birthday, December 14th.  That’s 5 months.  That means I need to lose at least 7 pounds a month to achieve the 35 pounds, which would put me at 170.  I can totally do that.  It’s not unreasonable in the slightest.

So, I’m restarting this journey that I started at the beginning of this year.  I’m hitting the reset button on my goals for myself.  And I’m going to post my progress on here every week.  I’ll retake my measurements every 4 weeks, but I’m going to refrain from taking progress pictures until I’ve reached the end of the 90 days of the program.  But, if I see a good difference from where I was when I started, then I will take new progress pictures.


  1. I've read some of your older posts and this new one... Keep with it girl. Don't give up. When workouts get tough-- that is where change happens in our body.

  2. thank you for reading my blog and thank you so much for your encouraging words :)


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