Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Kitten

My new kitten is an absolute joy.  He really is.  His name is Oliver and he’s probably about 6 months old, even though the shelter thinks he’s only 3 months.  He has an appointment to get neutered and microchipped at the vet tomorrow…hooray!  So far, he’s getting along just fine with my older kitty, Vlad.  They chase each other through the apartment and play together.  Just this morning, Vlad walked up to Oliver and Oliver immediately laid down on his side and meowed quietly.  This is significant because it means that Oliver recognizes Vlad as the dominant and elder kitty, worthy of respect.  Vlad still gets a little annoyed with Oliver and hisses at him here and there, but it’s getting less and less frequent.  It probably helps that yesterday morning I went and spent about $12 on toys, catnip spray and a cardboard scratching pad.

Some people are bound not to agree with me on this, but I will be getting Oliver at least front declawed, if not fully declawed.  I know some people say it’s inhumane, but I want to tell these people that I don’t think it is.  I ALWAYS get the *optional* pain medication for my kitties when I get them declawed.  What would be inhumane would be if I didn’t get the pain medication…that would be downright cruel to make them suffer through the pain of surgery like that. 

Oliver is an orange tabby with a white spot under his chin down to his chest and white socks.  He’s not just a traditional tabby with stripes.  He has spots, which I think are absolutely gorgeous.  It kind of makes him resemble a Bengal cat.  He’s VERY playful.  He loves the toys I bought yesterday morning.  He loves to run around the apartment and pounce on things.

He’s very snuggly.  When I first brought him home, he would snuggle, but I had to chase him down and pick him up.  Once I did that, he would snuggle as long as I wanted him to.  Now, he actually comes to me and curls up on or next to me.  He purrs like a little motorboat, so I know he’s very happy.  He’s adjusting quite well, I think, to his new home and his new big brother. 

Oliver has a small problem with diarrhea right now.  It’s most likely due to the change in his food.  I talked to his foster mom via email this morning about it and she said that when he spent a week and a half at PetSmart last week, he had some diarrhea for a couple days due to the change in food that they were feeding him there as opposed to what she was feeding him at her home.  So, hopefully another day, maybe two, of dealing with finding little cat patties in random places around the apartment and watching where I step and he’ll be fine.  I need to get some stain spot remover so I can clean up the spots in the carpet.

All in all, Oliver is a wonderful addition to my home.  We make a fabulous little family of 3 (my favorite number).  The 3 of us are going to be very happy.  My dream is to have both kitties snuggle me at the same time on the couch while I watch TV and in bed while I sleep at night.  Since both Vlad and Oliver are snugglers, I see this happening at some point.

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