Wednesday, January 30, 2013


As I’ve mentioned before, I work in law enforcement, so I wear a uniform to work every day.  They replaced my uniforms almost 2 years ago and they generally try to replace our uniforms every 4 years due to wear and tear.  So, since I have now lost 65 lbs, my uniforms are absolutely huge on me.  This weekend, I have a 3 day weekend, so Im going to try my hand at tailoring my uniform shirts myself to save a little money.  The pants, I’m going to wait to do anything with until I’ve finished losing the weight I want to lose (another 20 lbs).  When I get to that point, I will shoot off an email to the lady in charge of uniforms and see if I can just trade in my uniform pants for smaller ones.  If thats a no-go then I will take my pants in one or two pairs at a time (I have 4 pair) to have them altered to fit me better.  I think it costs about $15 a pair to have them altered.  I cant wait to be in uniforms that fit me properly.  I will look and feel so much better than I do right now.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Little Confession

Not only did I eat a cheeseburger yesterday, but today at work I indulged in chips and salsa.  I’m not worried about the salsa part.  It’s that I ate so many chips.  Ugh.  I really hope this doesn’t set me back too much with wanting to lose at least 1 pound by Friday.  <fingers crossed>

A Day Out

Yesterday, I went out for the day with a friend.  We went out to eat.  I should have gotten a grilled chicken salad of some sort, however, I got a cheeseburger instead.  As soon as I started eating it, I wished I had gotten the salad because the burger was so bland.  I didn’t enjoy it at all.  I also didn’t finish the french fries it came with.  When I added up my calories for yesterday the best that I could, I came out to about 1800 calories.  Not too bad.  Only about 500 calories more than I usually eat.  I am so very glad that I decided to weigh in yesterday.  I know that if I weighed in today, I probably wouldn’t show a loss at all from last week and would be totally discouraged right now.

Today is a run day.  I’m running outside again.  YAY!  I’ve decided that unless the weather doesn’t permit, I will be running outside every run day.  I love it so much more than running on a treadmill.  I will miss getting my news in while I run, but I’d much rather have a quality run.

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