Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Food Overhaul + The Super Bowl

So, I’m thinking that I need to do another overhaul of what I’m eating.  I’ve been eating what I’m eating right now for about a month or so.  The main problem with it is that I noticed I’m not getting enough fiber.  I should be getting at least 25 grams and I’m only getting between 8 and 17 grams.  That’s not good at all.  I think when I’m done with all the yogurt I have stocked up in my fridge, I’m going to change my first snack of the day from the 2 cups of yogurt to a large apple and an entire bunch of celery.  I will probably also have hummus with the celery.  It should be about the same amount of calories as the 2 servings of yogurt, maybe slightly more, but that’s okay, it’s quality food and nutrients.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl.  And I fully plan on being in the spirit.  I have made up a recipe for healthy turkey and black bean nachos ( and baked hot wings.  The nachos recipe I came up with uses extra lean turkey seasoned with reduced sodium taco seasoning.  It has chopped onions, black beans and diced tomatoes in it.  I’m using light sour cream instead of full fat sour cream.  Also, instead of guacamole, I’m going to use fresh mashed avocado.  In the recipe I make my own tortilla chips, but you can also use baked tortilla chips (the ones I found are Tostito’s brand).  The fantastic thing about this recipe is that you cut out over 1000 calories from a regular nachos recipe.  This one has about 600 calories per serving whereas regular nachos are going to have over 1600 calories.  Holy moly!  The baked hot wings recipe I found on Spark Recipes (it’s not one I came up with on my own) and it’s very easy.  There’s only 3 recipes.  It calls for butter, but I will be using Smart Balance Light spread instead.

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