Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Shadow of Myself

I don’t mean that I am a pathetic or withered away version of my former self.  I mean that my shadow, as I run, is actually nice to look at now!  My shadow has it goin’ on!  I actually catch myself staring at it as I run along with the sun behind me so it’s broadcast on the ground in front of me.  Hahaha!

But, along that same line, my shadow lookin’ all sexy and whatnot, that means that my body itself is looking good too.  And it is.  My stomach is starting to tighten up and there is actually a visible line along the sides of my abs where the middle ones and the obliques meet!  Squee!!!  Really, the only parts of my body I’m not entirely happy with are my outer thighs where they poof out a little bit (they kind of look like the riding pants that competitive horse riders wear for like jumping and the like) and the extra fluff on the front of my stomach.  But I know that once I’ve lost the last 19 pounds I have planned to lose, all those little “problem areas” will be gone, and I will then be happy.

I’m leaving the shadow of my former self in the dirtor, more appropriately, the decomposed granite!  Today, I mixed up my run a bit by going to a different location to run (I do have to say that I felt a little silly driving about 20 miles to go for a run, but hey, it’s a really good trail!).  I went to Ladybird Lake Trail.  I mapped out a route on sparkpeople last night for it and it came out to about 5.3 miles.  There was a part of the route where I run past a bridge for a certain distance and then turn around and run back to the bridge.  That part ended up being shorter than planned because there was some trail construction I didn’t know about and I didn’t want to figure out the detour.  So that shortened my run a little bit.  I don’t *know* exactly how far I ran, I just know that it was at least 5 miles, which was my goal.  I don’t know how far or how fast I ran because my phone was being an asshole and kept freezing and shutting down my running apps.  Arrrrgggghhh!!!  I should probably look into investing in a Garmin, but they’re soooo pricey!  But they give you your split times and can do an elevation profile of your route along with your average pace, your heart rate, your calories burned, and your total time.  Maybe I can find one on a discount site or a used one on eBay.  Not gonna hold my breath, but I can hope! 

Anyway, I’m going to run the same route I ran today again next week on Saturday for sure and I’m hoping I can run it again next Sunday, time permitting.  So, hopefully my phone will be nice and allow my apps to work like they’re supposed to so I know all my run stats.

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