Monday, February 25, 2013

Blisters & Bruises

So, this morning’s workout consisted of what was *supposed* to be this past Saturday’s workout: back/traps/biceps/forearms.  I believe I did a really good job with it too.  Pushed myself just the right amount.  As I was getting to the last few sets of exercises (as I’m doing supersets right now with my strength training), I suppose I was getting a little absent-minded.  Why would I say this?  Well, I was doing my superset of standing close grip EZ curl bar bicep curls supersetted with the machine bicep preacher curl, the floor staff were mopping in my vicinity.  I reached down and picked up my water bottle and sheet of paper with exercises, sets and reps on it to move them to where they wouldn’t get hit with the mop.  As I was setting them down next to my feet, I leaned forward (duh) and ran smack into the counterweight for the preacher curl machine.  Ow!  There was a lady on the ARC trainer right next to me who started laughing a little.  I wasn’t mad, I kinda laughed a little myself at my blunder.  Anyway, 6 hours later while I’m at work, I rub my forehead and hit a tender spot.  Right where I ran into the counterweight.  Ugh.  And Hahahaha!  I have bruise on my forehead.  Lovely.

The other thing about this morning’s workout is that I noticed something to do with my hands.  Specifically that I had to pop a blister on my left palm.  What the hell?  I wear weight lifting gloves for a reason.  I didn’t get blisters before I bought the gloves.  I was, however, starting to develop calluses and I was trying to avoid massive callus development so I went and bought the gloves.  And now I’m getting blisters???  I think I’m going to write the company that makes the gloves and complain about this.  This is ridiculous. 

I’m still a little peeved that I’m a strength training session behind where I should be, but oh well.  I’ve just gotta get over it and move on.  And I will.  Anyway, it was weird doing this workout in the daylight because usually on Saturdays I go late in the day, right around sunset so it’s dark outside when I’m at the gym.  And the front of the gym is all windows, so there’s no outside light coming in when I’m at the gym on Saturdays.  So, yea, it felt a little weird to do this workout in the morning.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.  I always look forward to tomorrows when tomorrow is a run day.  I LOVE run days!  Absolutely love them! 

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