Saturday, February 23, 2013

Changing Gyms Soon

After talking with a friend/co-worker yesterday, I have decided to change gyms.  I’ve happily been at Planet Fitness for almost an entire year now.  He works out at 24-Hour Fitness.  This came up because I was talking to someone else about dropping in for a free CrossFit class at another co-worker’s CF gym.  My friend, Steve, mentioned something about his gym conducting CrossFit type classes.  How awesome is that?!?!?! 

I’ve been wanting to be more social with my fitness and weight loss efforts, even considering joining Weight Watchers so I can go to the weekly meetings and talk to other people about my efforts.  But I really don’t think that WW is right for me because I am so close to my goal weight that it would be almost pointless.  I’ve already got a really good tracking tool with Sparkpeople, so I don’t need WW so I can track my food and activity.  I would ONLY be doing it for the meetings.  Like I said, basically pointless. 

So, I haven’t had a workout buddy in ages.  Since I tried my hand at bodybuilding and had a personal trainer that I met with twice a week.  And then, I only had a workout buddy while I was at my personal training sessions.  I still did 85% of workouts solo.  So really, it’s been since high school since I had a workout buddy in the gym (I took a weight lifting class…Woohoo!).  So, by switching gyms, I’ll gain a workout buddy for like 2 or 3 times a week with strength training.  We can also occasionally run together.  That will all be incredibly awesome.  I’ll get to be social with my workouts.  When we’re lifting weights together, I won’t have to wear my music cuz we’ll be talking and motivating each other.  I will, however, wear music if we go run together.  I breathe too heavy to even try and have a conversation while running. 

Other possibilities include all the classes I can participate in, namely that CrossFit style class.  Also, 24-Hour has rowing machines and stair steppers, neither of which Planet Fitness has and both of which I’ve been wanting to use, especially the rowing machine.  The main things I’m excited about are the CrossFit style classes and the whole working out with a friend!  I can lift so much more weight if there’s someone spotting me as I lift!  Woohoo!

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