Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Friend Making Monday

*I'm posting this a day late because I was at work yesterday and unable to do it on Monday*

1. Share one unique character trait that sets you apart from your friends.
        I love to exercise, especially running.
2. List at least two pet peeves that always aggravate you.
        people who just stop texting you when they’re done with the conversation instead of being polite and saying that they have to go, and people that don’t use their blinker in traffic.
3. Is there a word or phrase that you say so regularly that people expect to hear it from you?
4. Are you a risk taker, or do you typically play it safe?
        I typically play it safe.
5. Describe your life as it was in high school. Are you the same person? Have you changed?
        in high school, I was goth and awkward.  I am no longer goth (I tend to be more “trendy”) and I’m more outgoing and more confident.  So, no I’m nowhere near the same person I was and I believe I have changed a lot.
6. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done that you’re glad you did?
        drove across the country by myself
yes, I love to drive
7. Do you ever talk to yourself? If so, share an example.
        yes, but I don’t have an example.  I’ll talk to myself about just about anything at any time, without shame
8. Share something you did that unexpectedly helped shape your life.
        joined the army, started working as a corrections officer
9. Do you follow a strict routine, or are you a free spirit? Are you somewhere in between?
        I’m a routine kind of person for the most part
10. Share something about yourself that you hope will inspire others.
        I’ve lost 70 pounds in the last 2 years

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