Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Gym New HRM/GPS!!!

Well, well, well.  Checked the website for 24 Hour Fitness again to see if there was anything listed about an initiation fee and there was.  It’s $50.  However…if I sign up by tomorrow, there is no initiation fee.  FABULOUS!  So, I’m signing up online this morning!  That means I’ll be able to join my friend Steve for a morning workout Saturday morning.  WOOHOO!  I’ll be working out twice on Saturday as I’ll be doing the workout with him and I’ll be doing my regularly scheduled Showtime workout of legs/calves/abs in the evening.  Goodness!  But I can handle it, I know I can.

Another bit of good news, when I checked my pay statement for tomorrow’s pay check (I get paid a day early due to direct deposit…YAY!) I discovered that I’m getting paid for 8 hours of overtime I wasn’t expected to get paid for until my next check.  This means that I can buy the Garmin 410 I’ve been eyeballing online for a couple weeks now and then I’ll have it by the end of next week.  And that means when I go for a bicycle ride next week on Saturday (the 9th), I’ll be able to wear the Garmin to map my route and time with the GPS.  AWESOME!!! 

What I’ve decided I’m going to do for my Saturday workouts is that I’m going to ride my bicycle to the gym (which is about 15 or so miles), attend the boot camp class (that’s the CrossFit style class I mentioned previously), and then go cycle for about 2 hours and then head home.  Now, if the first time I try this my legs aren’t able to do the 2 hours after the class, then I’ll just do 2 hours on my way to the gym and get that in before the class.  You see, I REALLY want to do a 2+ hour ride every Saturday.

Speaking of riding my bike for 2+ hours once a week, I had mentioned getting a 5 litre hydration pack.  Uh, yea.  I can’t seem to find one bigger than 3 litres.  WTH?  I *know* I saw a 5 litre one in one of my fitness magazines.  Too bad I don’t still have that magazine so I can find out what website I could buy it from.  And all my Google searches don’t bring any 5 litre hydration packs up, so I’m at a loss as to where to buy one.  I guess my next step is to go into a bicycle shop and see if maybe they might sell them.  Or if they know where I can buy one.

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