Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rest Day

While I know I won’t find the comfort I seek in food when I’m bored or feeling lonely or whatever makes me vulnerable at the moment, I still find myself eating whatever is available.  It comes and goes in waves.  Ill be awesome at sticking to my meal planning item for item, not eating a single calorie over what Ive planned for myself for that day and then bam! all of a sudden Im tripping left and right, eating an extra bowl of cereal here, eating a second pot pie there.  Ugh!  Its so frustrating.  I hate feeling like Im off track like this.  As long as I stick to what Ive planned for todays food, Ill be alright for today.  I just have to take it one day at a time when I feel like this.  I have to learn to not let myself get overwhelmed.  I have to realize that things are subjective and not objective in these situations.  In each instance, I havent gone too far over my max calories for the day, so I know Im not really doing any damage to my “diet” with this little here and little there.  I think Im just frustrated right now because I didnt lose even a tenth of a pound last weekI stayed exactly the same weight.  I need to accept that and just move on.  Im not doing myself any favors by unconsciously dwelling on that.  Thats probably also why I gave in so easily when it was yucky outside yesterday morning when I went to run and opted not to.  Each day is a new day and each day is also a second chance.  A second chance to do what I could have done the day before but for whatever reason I didn’t.  I have to just let it go and move forward.  If I dont, it will only cause me damage like it did in December where I didnt exercise for 2½ weeks and gained about 5 poundseep!  I dont want to do that again, thats for sure!

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