Sunday, February 24, 2013

Running, Riding & Tailoring

First and foremost, my run this morning.  Spectacular!  I did the same route I ran last Sunday when I had the phone problems and my running app wasn’t able to track my run distance and times.  I thought about going further on today’s run, but I was very curious to see just how far I had gone last Sunday, so I resisted the urge to run a longer distance in favor of being a control freak about my distances.  So, when I finished my loop around the lake, I had clocked 5.26 miles!  Woohoo!  That’s further than I ran the rest of the week!  My average pace was a bit slower than Friday’s time, but the Ladybird Lake trail I ran today (and last Sunday) is “paved” with decomposed granite and there is hills and some stairs involved.  However, when it came to running up the stairs today, I ran up the grass next to the stairs.  I didn’t really slip around at all either, which was nice.  And I found a way to run around the stairs going down on the other side of the bridge because I discovered that if I just run about 100 yds passed where the stairs are, the trail connects with the sidewalk.  So YAY!

I did a little bit of looking around on a couple different sites today, trying to see if I can find a bicycle ride to participate in sometime this fall, in like October or November.  One site didn’t have any rides further out than April listed on their site.  The other site ( had rides for the entire year listed.   I found a ride that I’m interested in for October 13th.  It happens in Round Rock and takes off from and ends at the Dell Diamond.  There is about 5 different lengths of routes that you can choose from, all the way up to 100 miles!  I’m choosing to do the 63 miler.  That’s basically a metric century.  And the registration fee is only $30!  Woohoo!  And the first 950 people get finisher prizes!  A dry fit shirt, a ticket to the cyclist social pasta dinner and other fun prizes.  So, I’m excited to start training for this ride.  **update, i just looked at the ride info again, and this is the information for the 2012 ride...ugh.  So, i'm sure they'll have a 2013 date for this ride, but now I gotta wait and see when they post the info for this year's ride.  I'm gonna do it, though, I just gotta figure out when it will be.

I went on last night and was looking at bicycle seats.  I really would like to avoid spending $100 or so on a saddle if I can.  I found a saddle (in hot pink!  Woohoo!) that looks like a decent long distance style saddle.  It’s only $13 for this saddle, so I’m going to buy it when I get paid later this week and give it a try.  I hope it works, because if it does and I can ride comfortably for longer than 2.5 hours, then I have scored the deal of the century…as far as bicycle saddles go.  Hahaha.  I currently only have a mountain bike, but it has road slick tires on it since I never off road with it.  I get an annual bonus at work every year on my employment anniversary…which happens at the end of November.  This year, it will be $600, or around $500 after taxes.  I’m going to take that money and put it toward purchasing a nice road bike.  I’m looking to spend about $1000 on one.  It won’t be top of the line, but it will be waaaaaay better than anything you could hope to buy at Wal-Mart.  I’m hoping to hit the 2013 close-out sale and get a more expensive bike for less money, so I’ll be looking in January or February of next year.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a few weeks now, but I finally got around to it yesterday.  I got a new set of work uniforms issued to me about a year and a half ago.  I weighed about 50 lbs more than I do now, so, needless to say, they’re quite baggy on me.  While I can’t personally do anything about the pants (when I reach my weight loss goal in 16 lbs, I will email the supply officer and see about trading my current work pants in for ones that fit better…if they don’t have any to trade to me, then I will pay to have 2 of the 4 altered), I *can* do something about the shirts.  So, yesterday, I put one of them on inside-out and pinned it in on the sides.  Then I took it off, marked it with fabric chalk and removed the pins.  Then I ran it thru the sewing machine and voila! tailored shirt!  And let me tell you, it looks sooooo much better on me than it did before I took the sides in.  I calculated and I removed about 5-6 inches off the circumference of my shirt!  Holy cow!

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