Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekly Weigh In 2/16/13

Weighed in today as it is Saturday, weigh in day.  Well, the good news is I didn’t gain anything, but the bad news is that I didn’t lose either.  Ugh.  I blame it on the pot pies I ate for dinner all week.  Starting today, though, I’ll be eating a little healthier for dinner.  I’m cooking up some chicken alfredo with spaghetti squash ( that comes in at just under 300 calories per serving. 

Right now I’m trying to motivate myself to put on my workout clothes and head out to the gym for some back/traps/biceps/forearms strength training.  Then, when I get home, we’ll see if I’m in the mood to move a little and can get myself to do some Zumba for 45 minutes.  Cross your fingers for me! 

I’m really looking forward to tomorrowit’ll be Sunday so that means it’s RUN DAY!!!  And I’m planning to head to Ladybird Lake to run the hike & bike trail for 5 miles.  I gotta remember to scout it out online and map my distance.

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