Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekly Weigh In - 2/23/13

Broke my little weight loss plateau!  Lost 3 pounds this week!  I’m now down to 176.2 lbs and 22.3% body fat.  That means I’m only .3% away from my actual goal of getting down to 22% or less body fat!!!  WOOHOO!!!!  So, even tho you shouldn't reward yourself with food, I promised myself that if I weighed in at 178 or less today that I would take myself out for BBQ.  So, 1/3 lb of brisket and some banana pudding for me today!  Oh yea!  and then it's back to my strict meal plan for all of next week, which will be really easy for me to stick to because I’m working overtime tomorrow, making for a 6 day work week.  I’m less tempted to eat foods not in my food plan on work days.

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