Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Today’s run was 7 miles.  It wasn’t an easy miles, but it wasn’t super rough either.  I’m thinking it’s just due to the fact that I ran yesterday and I try not to run back to back days to avoid fatigue and overtraining.  For my longer runs (anything longer than 5.5 miles) I run a loop that includes an intersection with a traffic light.  About half the time I have to stop and wait for the light to change.  Today, the light changed to green when I was still about 50 feet from the intersection so I made the decision to sprint to the crosswalk so I wouldn’t have to stop and wait for it to change to green again.  YAY!  Nice little burst of speed.  During mile 4 I felt my second wind kick in, just like my last long run last Sunday (where it was actually my *fastest* milenot the fastest this week, thoughbut that’s okay).  I’m going to call that my mile 4 groove.  It’s like the first 3 miles are just my warm up.  This gives me hope that I can definitely hit my goal of running 16 miles in one go by the end of this year and have no problem running a half marathon next February. 

So, HAPPY EASTER everyone!  Normally, during my runs, I see plenty of squirrels.  What I don’t see are bunnies.  Well, today I saw a bunny and while I ran down the trail, he hopped down the trail slightly ahead of me before taking his leave and squeezing under a fence.  

Oh!  The other thingI log all my miles on in a pocket calendar and at the end of the month, I total up my miles.  For the month of March, I totaled 81.7 miles.  That’s 29.7 miles more than last month’s total.  Let’s see if I can hit at least 90 miles in April!

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