Sunday, March 31, 2013

My 1st Event!

Yesterday was my first ever organized running event.  It was loads of fun! (when I get some pictures from the actual race from another racer, I'll post them.)  I completed the 3.3 miles in right at 32 minutespretty good time.  My average pace was 10:07 minutes/mile.  I’m even more excited about the 10K next Sunday now!  After that, I don’t really have any events planned, however I am looking at doing a duathlon option at a triathlon (Tri for Old Glory) in San Marcos, TX on July 7th.  I’m thinking if I do it I’m going to shoot for the Olympic distance option.  That would be a 10K run with a 23.5 mile bike ride.  What I’ll do to train for it is to do a 7 mile run, then transition in my apartment to the bike and ride 26-27 miles on the bike.  If I can do that, then I can do the duathlon.  I’m sure I can do it.  It’s an $89 registration fee.woooo doggies!  But, I want to do it, so I think it’s worth it.  I should get a neat finisher’s medal too.  I hope.
Today I’ve got a 7 mile run planned.  I haven’t run back to back days since right after thanksgiving and I was still running short intervals of no more than 8 minutes each on the treadmill at that time.  I’m pretty sure I won’t have a problem with it because yesterday’s run was only just over 3 miles and today is a 7 miler.  Should be alright.

Okay, so the “slump” continues.  I ate waaaaaay too much yesterday.  You’ll also notice I didn’t weigh in yesterday like I usually do.  Tomorrow is the weigh in/remeasure day for the fitness challenge I’m doing with co-workers, so I just opted to wait until tomorrow to do my weigh in.  I’m sure I’m back up to at least 179, which is what I weighed in at for the last weigh in for the challenge.  Oh well.  I just hope I’m not over that mark.  I’d really hate to register a gain in the challenge.  Butif I do, I do and I just have to accept it and move forward.  I’m making a commitment now to do better in April than I did in March.  Over the next 2 months (between now and the next weigh in for the challenge), I want to see at least a 7 lb loss.  I think that is totally doable, so long as I stick to my plans and my routines.  I’m hoping I’ve got all this slump business out of my system and can quit eating things I don’t need to be eating.  Wish me luck!

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