Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Slowing It Down A Little

At the suggestion of Michelle I slowed down my first 2 miles to achieve a more level pace throughout my entire run.  It was a bit of a struggle to slow myself down at first.  It was a huge struggle for the whole first mile.  I kept speeding up and I would look at my Garmin and see I was going "too fast" and would have to make myself slow down, over and over.  But, I finally found my groove.  I was afraid that slowing myself down initially would cause me to burn less calories, not so.  I burned almost exactly the same amount of calories (only 5 less) as I did the last time I ran the same distance.  So I feel good about this whole slowing myself down at the beginning.  It will come in quite handy when I start doing events at the end of this month.  I don't want to get completely caught up in the excitement of the crowd and burn out after the first 2 miles.  So, thank you VERY much for your advice, Michelle!

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