Friday, March 22, 2013

This Week in Review

Today, while driving to work, I noticed that the City of Austin had put out it’s little signs to notify everyone that drives in the downtown area that on April 7th there would be traffic delays due to the Capital 10K.  Got me a little excited to see those signs.  I’m going to be in that!  It’s just  a little over 2 weeks away!  So excited!

I’ve got my first organized foot “race” next weekend.  The Stand Up 5K.  It benefits a local antibullying campaign.  I’m planning to wear my “Team Sheriff” shirt to that event as I was notified of its existence thru an email at work from one of my higher ups.  I go to pick up the shirt this Saturday.  YAY!

This week was both good and only decent as far as my workouts went.  Sunday was just plain awesome with the 8 mile run with a ¾ mile walk at the end (for a total of over 1700 calories burned!).  Monday was just okay as it was the week 1 workout of this new multi-week strength training routine I’m doing. 

After my 8-miler on Sunday I was T-I-R-E-D.  Straight up worn out.  Sunday was rough for me.  I got tired miles earlier than I usually do.  All because I decided that rest was more important than running last Friday.  That made it 5 days without running.  And still, today, a full week and 3 runs later, it was still a little rough for me.  Remind me to never go more than 2 days without running (except, of course, in the event of an injury that would get worse if I were to continue with my running schedule) ever again. 

I ran a nice, easy 5 miles on Tuesday.  Wow.  To think I’m now referring to a 5 mile distance as an “easy” run.  Just wow.  I love it, though.  And I did 6.2 on today’s run.  I will say that, even though it was still a little rough for me on today’s run, it is getting easier again.  YAY!  My times were faster.  On Sunday I was going as slow as 12 minutes per mile at times.  Tuesday, I was going as slow as, I think, 11:30 per mile.  This morning, I kept it under 11 for the majority of the run and the one mile I was over 11, it was only by a few seconds.

My eating was 90% “good” this week, I’d say.  Tuesday, I had some fried chicken instead of my usual at work snacks of celery/hummus and FF cottage cheese/tropical fruit.  When I reworked my calories for the day, my overall calories were only about 100 more than they would have been if I had eaten what I’d planned to eat.  Now, I’m not stupid, I realize that the *quality* of those calories was greatly different than the ones I was “supposed” to eat.  Yesterday, instead of my usual at work snacks, I had some cheesy bread sticks. 

Tomorrow, Saturday, is my designated “cheat meal” day.  I plan to have either fried chicken again, or fried shrimp and fish.  I haven’t decided just yet.  I’ll figure it out tomorrow after I’ve gone to the boot camp class in the morning and then gone for my 2 hour bike ride in the afternoon.  It was going to be a cheat lunch, but I have something I have to do mid-day so I won’t be able to do both of my workouts back to back like I had originally planned.  They will be separated by a couple hours.  So, it’ll be a late afternoon/early evening cheat meal.  So, practically dinner.

Do I think I lost any weight this week.  I’m going to go with “no.”  I’m almost…almost…sure that I didn’t gain anything, but I doubt I lost anything.  I’m going to try harder next week to actually lose something. 

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