Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekly Weigh In 3/16/13

Oh. My. God.  Seriously?  A THREE plus pound gain?!?!?!?  Dammit!!!  I *sort of* saw this coming.  I knew I’d be up this week due mostly to four whole days of no exercise and some extras as far as food goes.  I, however, was only expecting a one or two pound gain, not one that was over 3 and put me right back where I was last month.  Ugh.

So, I gave myself today as one last “splurge” day to get this week out of my system.  I’m starting fresh tomorrow.  New day, new week, new focus.  Well, actually it’s not a NEW focus, but more of a REnewed focus.  I haven’t tracked my food for the past few days because my eating has been out of whack for a couple reasons.  Tomorrow that changes.  Tomorrow I’m back to tracking all my food and being fully aware of what I’m putting in my big mouth. 

And just because I gave myself today as a last chance splurge day doesn’t mean I didn’t exercise.  Oh no, I exercised.  In fact, I CHOSE to exercise today.  I was actually contemplating skipping my bicycle ride.  Heck, I had already slept in and skipped the boot camp class that my gym puts on every Saturday morning (I definitely want this to be a staple of my Saturday mornings), what’s skipping the second workout I’d planned for the day, right?  Right.  I had originally wanted to do a 2+ hour ride, but since it was already 4pm when I talked myself into not skipping the ride and I had an appointment at 7pm that I needed to be showered and walking out the door to make it to on time by 6:15, I couldn’t do that length of a ride.  So I got on Google Maps and found a 16-ish mile route that was just the perfect distance to do in an hour and a half.  When it was all said and done, it was 16.8 miles and I was sooooooo glad that I didn’t skip it.

Tomorrow is not just a run day, but it’s my LONG run day.  I’ll be doing at least 7 miles.  More if I’m feeling up to it, which I kind of hope I am.  I’d like to see about pushing it to 7.5 or even 8 miles.  I will probably go further for my turn around point and then, if the distance feels like more than I’m ready for, I can just simply stop and walk the rest of the way home.

I would like to see at least a 2 lb loss (wellREloss) when I weigh in next Saturday.  I want to be back to the 174 (if not a little lower) that I was at 2 weeks ago by the end of the month.  If I can stick to my food plans and keep up my daily exercise, then that shouldn’t be a problem.

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