Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Little Heat Exhaustion

After Sunday’s 8.5 mile run, I felt like complete crap Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday, one of my co-workers had this idea that maybe some Gatorade would make me feel better, so she went over and sweet talked one of the nurses and got me a Gatorade.  I drank it and sure enough, about 20 minutes later, I felt so much better.  Also, another co-worker brought up that Mexico is burning its fields right now, so that makes the air all hazy and crappy.  Which explains why my allergies are acting up like crazy this week.  So, between the hazy Mexico fires air and running at the peak heat of the day on Sunday, it’s no wonder it’s just yesterday before I  started to feel better.  I did, however, go and buy some powdered Gatorade mix so I can drink some every day and, more importantly, either while I’m running, or immediately afterward.  I will probably drink it on my runs on my shorter runs (5 miles or less) and on my longer runs, I’ll take a gel or some chews with me to refuel as I go.

Then, just as I’m starting to feel better, I go and work a 16 hour shift at work last night.  I’ll go home and get like 5½ hours of sleep and have to come back to work for an 8 hour shift.  Then another 5½ hours of sleep and another 16 hour shift.  I love all this overtime I’m getting, but it really does mess with my sleep schedule, but more importantly (in my opinion), my workout schedule.  There will be 3 days this week that I will not exercise.  And I’m going to have to do my Friday run on Saturday…again.  No big deal so long as I don’t follow up with Sunday’s run in the late afternoon like I did this week.

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