Saturday, April 13, 2013

End of Week Update

So, in the past, before I gained all the weight, people would tell me I looked like Jodie Foster.  Well, for the past few years no one has told me this.  Over the last week or so, I’ve had about 3 people tell me that I look like Jodie Foster.  YAY!  Also, I’ve had someone refer to me as one of the “beautiful people.”  WOW! 

On Wednesday and Thursday, I worked from 2pm until the following morning at 6am.  Then, I still had to work my regular 2-10pm shift on Friday.  So I only got about 5½ hours of sleep both Thursday and Friday mornings.  So, obviously, I didn’t have the time to work out those two days.  Well, while I was working both nights, in the middle of the night, I started itching to go for a run.  Part of that was that I knew it would revive me and keep me awake better than coffee and sugary foods.  The other part was that I was at a desk position for 16 hours straight both days.  I was antsy to say the least.  I wanted to get up and stretch my legs in the best possible way, by going for a run.  As a result of needing to sleep Friday morning I missed my usual Friday morning run.  I had originally planned to get that 3rd run for the week in on Wednesday, but (as I mentioned here I rolled my ankle on Tuesday morning’s run) that got changed to pedaling the stationary bike instead.  This morning, I was big time itching for my run.  And it was completely obvious in how I ran.  Even though my pace felt the same as usual, it was much faster than usual.  Usually I run comfortably around a 10:30 to an 11:00 minute mile.  Today, however, I was running between 9:20 and 10:30.  The 10:30 was primarily on the 4th mile.  Holy moly!  It felt great, though.  Really great.  I was soooo tempted to up my mileage, but I refrained because I really want to do that 8.5 miles tomorrow and I want to run it well and comfortably.  I’m really excited to run that tomorrow.

Next week I’m mostly back to my regularly scheduled routine.  I’m picking up another shift of overtime at work on Wednesday night on the overnight shift, so Thursday I’ll have that 6am to 2pm turn-around, so no workout Thursday morning.  Thursday morning would have been swimming as many laps as I could manage (at least 3) and since I’m getting tattooed tomorrow, I can’t go in a pool for 2 weeks, until it’s healed anyway, so that works out.

I slept great last night.  It was so very nice to get to sleep more than 5½ hours.  I ended up having to take one of my prescription sleeping pills (yay!  insomnia!), but it still took me well over half an hour to get to sleep.  Then I woke up after about 6½ hours to go to the bathroom.  I was able to sort of sleep until my alarm went off about 45 minutes after that.  I had my first chiropractic adjustment in about 3 years this morning.  It went well.  This doctor (Dr. Gerard) uses a different method to realign the spine than the last one I went to…the one that hurt me.  He also uses a different kind of table.  His tables that the “shock” out of the adjustment, so there’s no audible pop when he adjusts you.  But, let me tell you, just because there’s no pop doesn’t mean he’s doing nothing.  I feel about 90+% better than I felt when I walked into his office this morning.  My next appointment with him is Wednesday morning.  It kind of sucks because he’s not in network with my insurance.  However, his adjustment fee ($45) is only $5 more than my co-pay.  But, I had to pay $100 for the x-rays and they said that once they ran my insurance, there was a chance they would just write me a check for what I had to pay for them, but since they’re out of network, that probably won’t happen.  Oh well.  But, anyway, I have to check how much I still have available in my FSA as I may have to limit my visits to Dr. Gerard because I can’t afford to fork out $45 out of my pocket to pay for visits.  I understand that chiropractic care is a repetitious kind of care that you have to keep doing over and over again for the treatment to actually be effective, but if I can’t afford it, I can’t do it.  Plain and simple. 

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