Monday, April 22, 2013

Friend Making Monday 4/22/13

Inside My Head
I likethe money I get from working overtime at work.
I don’t likenot being good at something
I loverunning.
I dream ofbuying a house and never living in an apt ever again.
I wonderwhy I didn’t get my shin splints fixed and start running sooner.
I knowthat I should stop over eating.
I wentto my first 10K last this month.
I thinkI can reach my goals if I just keep myself focused.
I planto run 7 miles tomorrow.
I regretnothing.
I dowhat I can to the best of my abilities.
I drinkGatorade, sparkling water, tea and coffee every day.
I wishI was already at my goal weight.
I amcomfortable with my job becoming my career.
I am notas shy as I used to be.
I needmore tattoos.
I hopethat I can run for many years to come.
I wantmy hair to be so long it touches my belt.
I sometimeswish I had never left Oregon.
I alwayslove my family.
I canbe whatever I want to be.
I cannotdoubt myself.
I avoidpeople who lie and cheat.
I willalways have at least one cat.

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