Sunday, April 14, 2013

Running PR & Tattoos

Did my longest run to date today.  It was a little rough, but not too TOO bad.  I didn’t run slower than about an 11 minute mile, which is the pace I try to hold anyway, so that’s good.  However the last mile I felt the need to stop and rest for a minute twice.  Why?  I’m not sure, but I think it was because the temperature and because my heart rate was higher than I’ve been used to since I run at a comfortable pace in a comfortable temperature most of the time.  The temperature was about 90.  That’s the hottest it’s been when I’ve run so far.  And it took a little toll on me.  I really should have taken a gel with me, or bought a non-“diet” sports drink to sip on during my run.  I’m sure that would have made me feel better.  But, the important part is that I made it.  I completed the whole 8.5 miles.  Almost thought my Garmin wasn’t gonna make it with me, though.  Shortly after mile 6, it told me its battery was low.  Luckily, it made it until I got back home.  YAY!  So, I have my data from today’s run and that makes me happy.  I like data.

So, I was supposed to get tattooed today.  I took a shower after my run and when I get out of the shower there’s a message on my Facebook from my artist telling me to call him asap.  So I call him.  He’s sick.  So, no tattoo today.  Even though I really REALLY want this tattoo (now!), I prefer to get my tattoos on Saturday (we rescheduled for this Saturday, the 20th) so that they have a day to “settle” between being done and when I have to wear a work uniform.  Also, now I have time to do a little grocery shopping and laundry that was going to be rushed and/or squeezed in before work tomorrow due to my poor planning for today’s activities.  I’m not mad, just impatient.  I hope he feels better.  I wouldn’t want him to feel like crap while trying to tattoo me, anyway.

I’ll be getting this raven on the front of my right thigh.  It will be awesome.  Oh, also, he really didn’t want to cancel because he’s almost more excited about doing this tattoo than I am about getting it.

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