Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sleep, Tweak, Workout

Had my 90 day check up with my psychiatrist today.  He asked how everything was going.  Aside from some trouble falling asleep and staying that way, everything is fantastic.  He asked if I wanted him to prescribe me a sleep medication and I said sure, internally hoping he wouldn’t say Ambien.  Thankfully, he didn’t say Ambien.  He said trazadone, which is a medication that I’ve taken before, about 15 years ago.  It worked well for me back then, so I have faith that it will work well for me now.  I remember that the first time I ever took it, within 30 minutes I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  So, what I will probably do when I get home is eat my dinner and then I’ll take the trazadone, that way I’m not falling asleep while I’m trying to eat.  As comedic as that would be to write about, it would be rather messy.

That tweak in my back I mentioned yesterday…today I discovered that it is a muscle spasm.  YAY!....not.  No, I didn’t go to the doctor.  I remember before when I had x-rays of my spine and it was fairly straight where it should be curved, the doctor told me that indicated I was having a muscle spasm…a pretty bad one, too, he said.  I felt along my lower back this morning and there is no curve.  It’s all straight.  So that answers that.  That also explains why the muscle relaxer makes the pain go mostly away.  I’ll make sure to take it a little easy on tomorrow’s run.  I’m completely cool with running 11 minute miles tomorrow.  Same with Sunday.  I know it will be better after about 3 to 4 days, I just have to take it easy until then and not make any sudden and jerky movements and everything will be alright.

I can tell my legs workout yesterday was good (see week 3 & 6 of this workout) because my hamstrings, calves and inner thighs are all sore.  My hamstrings are rarely sore.  I really like this week in the rotation of this workout I’m doing.  Next week is back to the 2 sets of low reps (only 4!), so that’s heavy weight…as heavy as I can stand it and not hurt myself in the process since I won’t have anyone to spot me while I do the exercises.  I’m actually kind of thinking that I may change it up a little bit for the week 1 & 4 of this workout and up the reps to 8 since I CAN only go SO heavy since I’m all by myself while I work out.  Yea, I think that will work nicely for me.  And maybe for the week 2 & 5 I’ll up the reps from the 10-12 recommended to 12-15.  And that, of course, means instead of 12 I’ll be doing 15.  Simple enough.

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