Saturday, April 6, 2013

Weigh In & Packet Pick Up

Weighed in this morning.  Still the same as I was on Monday: 176.8.  I’m cool with that.  I didn’t gain, so that’s always a victory.  Of course, I didn’t exactly go crazy with my eating this week, so there was really no reason to think I might have gained anything anyway.  

Went and picked up my race packet for tomorrow’s 10K.  So excited for tomorrow!!!  The packet pickup was being held in the Health & Fitness Expo in the Austin Convention Center.  There were all sorts of goodies to be had.  The first thing I found that I just had to have was 50+ SPF sunscreen.  Do you know how hard it is to find that level of SPF?  Very hard.  And when you do find it it’s pricey.  I got two tubes for only $10!  Now, I just have to remember to use it.  Hahaha!  My next stop was a booth for a marathon and half-marathon training group (with what seem to me to be really good prices) and they gave me a free shirt (and it’s pink!!!).

There were a LOT of chiropractors there.  I got a free massage from one (it wasn't a great massage eitherglad I didn’t pay for it).  That one and another one used this scanner thing on my spine to determine the alignment of my spine.  Both came up with the same results, so I guess it's an accurate tool for them to use.  So, I made an appointment for next Wednesday with one of them.  Also, my hips are dreadfully out of alignment.  The right hip is a full inch above the left one!  Eeep!  I’ve been wondering the last couple months if maybe that was the case...and now I know.  Bought a cool water bottle with a handle made especially with runners in mind and some new, anti-fog sunglasses.  I’ve been wanting new sunglasses.  The ones I have are all scratched up and they fog and it's so annoying.  I bought some cool sweat wicking headbands for when I runthey have cute sayings on them.  One says “run bitch run” and the other says “this isn’t sweat it’s liquid awesome.” 

I also bought 2 stickers for my car.  Both are pink.  One says "10K" and I’ll put that on my car tomorrow after the race (after I’ve “earned” it).  And the other says "13.1 cause I’m only half crazy."  But, I won't be putting that on my car for a while.  Gotta earn it first!  I’ll let myself put it on my car after I’ve completed a half marathon.  

There was a store there selling some running gear and I bought a pair of cold weather mittens.  It’s already too warm now to wear them this year, so I have to wait until next winter to wear them, but now I have them.  But!  They were 50:% off and I just couldn’t resist that deal, especially since they are Nike brand.

I also got a coupon for $5 off the registration fee for another 10K at the end of this month, so I’ll register for that when i get paid next weekend.  Oh and, of course, I got the free shirt that came with my registration fee for the 10K for tomorrow.

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