Monday, May 20, 2013

Friend Making Monday 5/20/13 edition

Getting To Know You

1. Have you ever been skinny dipping? nope

2. If you could choose an exotic vacation destination today, where would you go? Ireland…I know, not on most people’s list of “exotic” destinations, but it’s where I really want to go

3. Do you prefer to live in the city or the suburbs? I love the city, but I like to have a little bit of a disconnect from it, so the suburbs are good with me.

4. If you could paint, draw or illustrate any masterpiece in the world, what would it be? The temples in Thailand and Indonesia

5. What is your favorite dish to cook when you’re cooking for one? I don’t ever actually “cook for one” because even tho I’m always only cooking for me, I cook in large batches so that whatever I’m cooking lasts me a week or so.  I’d have to say spaghetti.  It’s easy, it’s yummy, and it stays good in the fridge for up to a week.

6. Who has recently influenced you in a spectacular way? I’d have to say Michelle…reading her blog has inspired me to keep current with my own blog, to keep up with my exercise (especially my running), and get healthy/fit.  Thru reading her blog, I have realized that it’s okay to have stumble moments where I don’t stick to my plans 100%...I’ve learned that life sometimes gets in the way and that’s okay…you work around it and you make it work…for you.

7. Have you ever considered dating a person who’s younger than you? If so, how young would you go? I’ve dated MANY guys that are younger than me

8. What do you typically wear when you’re at home with no plans to go out? Sleep pants and a t-shirt

9. Do you prefer a shower or a bath? shower

10. When you meet strangers are you outgoing or more introverted? When I meet someone new, it may take me a minute to warm up to them, but once I do, good luck shutting me up.  Lol.

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  1. I would love to go to Ireland too! Have you been to Europe before? I have been to Greece, but I want to see everything across the pond!

    I am the same way when meeting strangers :)


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