Thursday, May 9, 2013


Sorry I’ve been a little silent this week.  Ive been busy.  Except for this morning.  This morning I was just taking a couple extra hours to rest by getting some extra sleep after working a 16 hour shift at work yesterday.  I had originally planned to do the 9 mile run I was going to do yesterday this morning, but that just didnt happen.  So, Ill do it tomorrow morning.  After the extra sleep this morning, I should have no problem waking up a little early tomorrow to get my 9 miles in before it gets too warm and humid out. 
That still leaves me a 5 mile run short for the week.  So, Im hoping that Saturday morning I will feel up to logging those 5 miles before trekking out on my bicycle for [hopefully] 23.5-ish miles.  I bought a little seat post rack for my bicycle that I can bungee cord a small cooler to so I can carry extra water with me for the longer ridesuntil I buy a larger water pack, of course. 
Then, Sunday is a 9.5 mile run!  Goodness Ill be logging some miles this weekend!  Previously (last week), in 3 days I ran 19.1 miles.  If I run everything Ive got planned for the next 3 days, I will run 24.5 miles!!!  Holy wow!  I can do it; I have faith in myself.  Im all about setting new PRsand Im definitely about logging all the miles I possibly can!  If I keep setting new PRs and pushing myself to do more and more, I will show great improvement.

So, I bought some [what I thought, based on the pictures the seller posted, was] very lightly used running shoes off of eBay.  Yea, I should have known better.  The pictures the seller posted show the shoes to be barely worn and practically brand new.  However, when I opened the package today, they were very worn and basically completely shot.  I went to file a complaint on eBay and found that the seller does accept returns, so Ill be returning the shoes.  I guess next weekend Ill be at the running store trying on loads of new shoes to find out which one will work best for me.  Really, Im better off doing that.  I was just trying to take a shortcut.

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