Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Long Tired Week

This has been an interesting week for me.  I had Monday off as I had switched my Saturday off with a coworker because he had a CrossFit style race that he wanted to do.  On Tuesday, I woke up around 7:30am, but stayed in bed until around 9:30 and then headed out to run my 7 miles after eating my breakfast.  I then worked a double shift (16 hours) at work.  Wednesday I got in my 5-ish hours of sleep before having to wake up and go back to work for my usual shift.  I was so tired all shift on Wednesday.  I drank a boatload of coffee just to stay awake.  When I got home, despite the fact that I was dead tired, it took probably an hour to fall asleep.  So that put it at just before midnight when I finally fell asleep.  Then, I woke up at about 3:30am with an upset stomach.  I started thinking I was sick and then I got anxious because if I had to call in sick to work on Thursday, I would lose my time and a half pay for the overtime I had worked on Tuesday and only get paid straight time for it.  Then, I couldn’t get back to sleep.  Oh yea, about an hour or so after I woke up with the upset stomach, I fartedfelt completely better.  Must’ve been all that coffee.  Anyway, I had to wake up early on Thursday to make it to a physical therapy appointment.  They showed me some great stretches that you do while lying on the floor and using a dog leash to deepen the stretch.

 (I couldn't find a picture of this stretch using a rope or leash)

I also got a nice leg massage out of the deal.  The leg massage determined that my hip flexors are tender, and therefore tight and could use some stretching of their own.

The massage therapist that worked on me was one that would give me post-adjustment massages when I used to go to the chiropractor in that office YEARS ago.  And she remembered me!  Back then I was big into bodybuilding and powerlifting.  She said I looked a lot leaner now.  I take that as a compliment.  While I love having big muscles, they are so hard to maintain.  Running is so much easier for me and is better for me on a mental and emotional level than powerlifting ever wastho it was quite fun.  But I lived in the gym back thenalmost literally.  I was in the gym for 3 hours every day!  Anyway, her name is Linda and we talked about running the whole time she was massaging my leg.  She’s training for an ultra right now!  Wow!  She also gave me information on her running coach because I mentioned that I’d like to find one.
So, then I went to work on Thursday and again, I was soooo tired and drank a bunch of coffee.  I fell practically instantly to sleep when I went to bed that night.  Then my alarm went off at 7:30 for me to get up so I could go run.  I was still so tired, so I reset the alarm for 9:30.  That time came and I decided I would wait until Saturday (today) to do my 5 mile run and went back to sleep for another hour. 

So, this morning is here and it is weigh-in day.  I was hoping that I had at least stayed the same and had not somehow managed to gain weight this week.  Whew!  I didn’t.  I stayed the same: 175.8.  I’m okay with that.  I’m working another double shift today, so I didn’t get up as early as I probably should have and will be somewhat rushed after my run to get my stretches done and then get ready for work.  But, I usually have about a half hour time cushion from the time I get to work until the time I actually have to be there.  So, I have time if I need to leave a little later to get everything done.

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