Sunday, June 16, 2013

Moving Down the Road

This has nothing to do with running or cycling or strength training, nor does it have anything to do with eating right or making healthy choices. 
I think I have decided to NOT buy a house in 2½ years like I was originally planning to do.  I came to this decision about a week and a half ago while sitting on the patio of a restaurant/coffee shop near downtown Austin, eating my lunch.  I want to live as near to downtown as I can afford.  Im tired of living on the outskirts and having to drive a minimum of 20 minutes to get anywhere.  I want to run at Town Lake more often but its almost a 30 minute driveeach way!  So, I just run that on my weekly long run.

I won’t be moving for another 2½ years, but I’ve already looked on the internet for apartments that fit my criteria: at least 1050 sq ft, 2 bedroom and around $1100/mth.  A garage would be a bonus, but isnt necessary.  I actually found quite a lot of apartments that meet these criteria.  Ive put in for vacation for a week in December for my birthday.  What my current plan for that time off is, is that I want to go to as many of these properties and view apartments.  I, obviously, wont be leasing anything I look at any time near when I’m looking at them, but I figure going and looking at as many of the apartments I’ve already found as I can, then I can narrow down the list of potential apartments. 

I’m excited.  I love looking at apartments.  And if I can get the ones I really like to give me print outs of the floor plans I like, with the room measurements (or maybe I can be a nerd and take a tape measure with me?  Haha!) so I can plan where Id put my furniture and see how everything would work.

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