Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weekly Weigh In...Week in Review

So, this morning was weigh in day.  I wasn’t expecting to see anything different on the scale from last week.  In fact, I was expecting that it was going to be up from last week.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when it read 1.2 lbs less than last week’s weigh in!  Woohoo!  I wasn’t even trying to actually lose anything this week.  Seriously.  I was just taking it day by day, doing what I could to stick to my food plans each day.  On the days where I didn’t stick to my food plan and ate something else, I compensated by not eating as much the rest of the day.  Something that really helped me with that was that I didn’t feel as hungry on the whole nor did I have the urges to eat when I wasn’t hungry like I’ve been having lately.  I’m so glad to see that I seem to have moved out of the slump I was in that was causing me to feel powerless when I felt the urge to go to some fast food place and eat some high calorie, high fat, high sodium, over portioned food multiple times a week.  I didn’t stick to my food plans 100% this week; probably only about 80%, but, you know what, I still succeeded in the big picture by adapting and just taking each day as it came along and not freaking out about things.

Something I started this week was I went and bought some dark chocolate almond milk to drink after my runs.  I did that for the first time yesterday (Friday) and it was good.  I finished my run and drank the almond milk at about noon.  I didn’t feel the need to eat until around 4pm.  And even then, I wasn’t really hungry, I just figured I should probably eat something because it had been about 4 hours since I had ingested anything.  I’m finding that more and more frequently that is the case…that I’m just not hungry or feeling the urge to just consume something for the sake of consuming it.

I’ve felt really good this week.  My running has gone well, my eating has gone well.  Overall, I’ve been in a really good place all week long.  I’m very happy with how this week goes.  My hope is that I can repeat this week’s success again next week.  and I don’t necessarily mean the success of the weight loss (although that would be nice).  What I mean is that I hope I can continue to just take things as they come along, one day at a time.  I hope that I can continue to adapt as things come up during the week.  

Also, something that will change next week is the frequency that I work out.  I don’t have any overtime scheduled at work until next Saturday.  So, that means that I can pretty much work out every day of the week if I want to.  I’ll do my long run tomorrow (11 miles) at Town Lake.  Monday, I’ll try out this trak stand for my bicycle that I’m probably going to buy from a co-worker.  I’ll give myself enough time to do 45 minutes to an hour on it…give it a real good go to get a proper feel for it.  Tuesday will be a medium length run.  Wednesday I’ll go to the gym and hit the weights…biceps/forearms/legs/abs.  I just spent a little bit of time smooshing my “Energy Split” 3-week workout plan into twice weekly workouts (instead of the three time weekly that it says to do).  So, now I’ll be doing strength training twice a week.  The first session, on Wednesdays, will be biceps/forearms/legs/abs and the second session, on Saturdays, will be chest/shoulders/triceps/back.  Then, on Thursday, I’ll use the trak stand to ride my bicycle again.  On Friday, I’ll do my short run.  

For the past few weeks, I’ve only been running.  I haven’t done any strength training workouts or any cycling.  Just running.  As a result, I’m only burning about 2700-ish calories a week during exercise.  You need to burn around 3500 to lose a pound.  That’s why I didn’t expect to lose any weight this week…I had only burned around 2700 calories and I hadn’t been religious about sticking to my food plans throughout the week.  Guess I was doing something right, right?

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