Friday, July 5, 2013

A Good Week

This week has been a good oneagain!  I went and ate Latin food on Sunday with some friends from work.  Had a great time!  I cut out when they wanted to move the “party” to a bar down the street.  I’m not really a drinker and I had some errands to runyes, on a Sunday, I had errands.  Mostly grocery shopping. 

Monday I worked a double shift at work and ate mostly only the food I had brought for me to eat.  I ate a small (very small) piece of chocolate cake that someone had brought in.  I think there was some other small thing, but I don’t remember what it was.

Tuesday, I ate only what I had planned for.  Same thing on Wednesday.  However, Wednesday almost didn’t turn out that way.  Let me tell you about Wednesday.  First, I was up very early so that I could go to the supply department at my work and trade in my HUGE uniform pants for smaller, more fitting pants.  I planned ahead and wore my gym clothes to supply so that I could go straight from supply to the gym and do my strength training.  Since I worked a double on Monday, I wasn’t able to do my trak stand cycling that day.  Well, my strength training only took me 30 minutes, so I went home and rode on the trak stand for an hour.  Then I showered and was done by 11am.  I had OVER an hour before I had to start getting ready for work.  What to do?  I decided I was going to go to Sam’s Club and eat one of their hotdogs.  While on the drive over there, I started thinking about whether I was hungry or not.  I really wasn’t.  Then I started thinking about whether or not I really wanted a hotdog.  I really didn’t.  Then I told myself that the next day (4th of July), we were having a spread at work that would include hotdogs, hamburgers, cheesecake, chips and queso, ice cream and cobbler.  So, I skipped the hotdog at Sam’s and just went to Kohl’s and bought some more running gear.

On to Thursday, the 4th of Julyit was planned that I would eat whatever this day.  I had a little bit of everything listed above.  I brought in the cheesecake.  I was soooo happy when there wasn’t one slice left at the end of our shift.  That meant I wouldn’t be taking it home for it to sit in my fridge and taunt me.  Truthfully, if there had been any left, I would have just left it for the night shift people to eat.  I wouldn’t have taken it home.  I ate my fill by about 4:30pm.  I told a co-worker that I would probably have another hamburger patty (they forgot to bring buns!  Hahahaha!) around 8.  Well, 8 came along and I decided I didn’t want anything more.  I figure I ate around 3000-3500 calories all day.  Maybe it wasn’t that much, but I’d rather over estimate than underestimate.  But, then again, I’m not counting calories right now.  I just try to make my week even out in the end.  I don’t, however, like eating like that late in the week like this because I like to have the whole week to “work it off” before I weigh in again.  Oh well.  I can just hope that having one day in between eating like that and weighing in is enough to flush out the sodium and water retention from all that food.

Today, I’m just sticking with my planned foods and hoping for the best when I step on the scale tomorrow morning.  I almost postponed this morning’s run until tomorrow morning.  But, last minute, I told myself I was being ridiculous and that I needed to burn those calories, especially after yesterday’s food fest.  As long as I don’t gain when I step on the scale, I’ll be fine with whatever it says. 

So, since today was Friday, that means it’s a short runand that means it’s a tempo run!  I keep my pace as close to 10 min/mi or below as I can for the whole run.  As you can see, the first 3 miles were quite nicely UNDER 10 min/mi.  The last 2.8 miles were just barely over 10 min/mi.  It gets to the point that after holding a sub-10 minute pace for 3 miles that at or above the 10 minute mark feels slow.  Hahaha!  Overall, very happy with that average 9:57 min/mi pace for today’s run.

Oh, real quick note on the smaller uniform pants.  With the old, huge pants, when I would undo my belt they would fall to the floor on their own.  Now, with the new pants, I undo my belt and they don’t go anywhere and I’m all like “oh yea, I guess I have to actually pull my pants down here.”  Hahahaha!  Love it!

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