Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cleaning House and Crossing My Legs

I will no longer be getting as much overtime at work anymore.  It sucks, but there’s nothing I can do about it.  If it’s not available then I can’t work it.  Thankfully, I’ve bought all the toys and clothes I’ve wanted and gotten some things fixed on my car that needed to be fixed.  I do need to try and save up around $1200-$1500 before September if I’m going to make my trip to Oregon to visit my family and friends happen.  I’m not sure that’s going to happen if I’m going to be completely honest.  Not if I don’t get to pick up some more overtime, anyway.  Looks like I need to make sure my back up trip to Oregon happens next May or June.  I’ll be able to put around $600 toward that trip when I get my annual bonus from work, so that’ll be about half of what I need for the trip and I can just put like $50 or $75 a paycheck aside on top of that.

Another side effect to not being able to work all the overtime I’ve been working is that I’m going to have a lot of free time on my handsand I mean a LOT.  One good thing about all this new time I’ll have is that I will have no reason to not get all my workouts done each week.  A bad thing is that when I get bored, I like to go shopping.  Since I won’t be working the overtime, I won’t have the extra money.  But, I’ve bought pretty much everything I want at this point, so I don’t see that as an actual issue. 

I’m thinking that I’ll start doing a lot of cleaning and organizing in my apartment.  Especially on the weekends now that overtime isn’t taking up one of my days off and I’ll actually have 2 full days off in a row.  Already yesterday I started.  For the past couple or more years, I have had my socks, underwear, spandex shorts, workout shirts and other things piled up on top of my dryer.  I have to actually move things around in order to get to the dials to run the dryer.  I’ve had this idea for a while now to clean out my dresser and put all my socks, undies and workout clothes in it.  I got a bug up my butt last night and spent about an hour or so pulling about 4 large bags full of stuff to donate out of my dresser, my closet and from some shelves in my bedroom (back in December I donated 6 large bags of clothes and a few months ago I donated another 4, I believe).  I then gathered up all my socks and paired them together and separated them into work socks (aka-knee socks), ankle socks to wear with my civilian clothes, and running socks.  I folded all my workout and running shirts and placed them in the drawers, same thing with my running capris and spandex shorts.  Everything is now all easy to access.  Now, I just have to keep up with it.  That’s the hardest part for mekeeping it up.  I can organize all I want, but it’s the daily effort of putting things back where they belong.

Anyway, my point is that now I will have all this time on my hands.  What better way to spend my time than by improving myself (by working out more) and my living environment.  The carpet in my living room is gross.  I’ve tried to make it better by borrowing a friend’s carpet shampooer, but it didn’t really do much good.  Cheap apartment carpetugh.  So, what I’d like to do now is buy an area rug to cover up how yucky the carpet looks.  I want to make my apartment presentable to the point where I’m not embarrassed for people to come inside.  And, right now, I don’t like it when people come in my apartment.

Speaking of doing extra workouts with all my extra time, I did a second workout yesterday.  I went to the gym and did my strength training workout (biceps/forearms/abs/legs) and since it was only a 2x4 workout, it only took me like 22 minutes.  So, when I got home, I set up the trak stand and cycled for 40 minutes.  I was going to go for about 90 minutes, but I got all jittery (blood sugar crash), so I had to stop.  So, I just popped 2 multigrain waffles in the toaster, spread some light spread on them and drizzled them with honey.  Then I hopped in the shower.  By the time I got out of the shower, the jitters were mostly gone.

I didn’t lose any weight last week.  I’m okay with that.  I’m hoping that I can show a loss on the scale this week.  I want to be at 160 by the end of October.  I’m about 90% sure that I’ll be happy with how my body looks at that weight.  I say that because right now it’s difficult for me to imagine how my body will look with 12 less pounds on it.  I’m hoping that the part of my body that I like the least (the area right around my belly button) will slim up.  If it doesn’t, then I’m going to consider doing a tummy tuck or something around the end of next year so that my stomach will look the way I want it to.  I wouldn’t do it until after I’ve run my first marathon at the Rock’n’Roll San Antonio in November next year. 

Oh!  So, something that I’ve been enjoying lately is crossing my legs.  Yes, that’s right, crossing my legs.  Until about a month ago, crossing my legs for more than a couple minutes was extremely uncomfortable.  Now, however, I can cross my legs (like I normal personsee below) and leave them crossed for as long as I want and it never really gets uncomfortable.  LOVE IT! 

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  1. Yow, I consider crossing my legs to be one of my bad habits and I'm trying desperately to stop doing it before I end up with weird looking veins. Funny how something like that is something that makes you happy to do and makes me unhappy to do. Different strokes for different folks, right? ;)


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