Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weigh In & A Dresser

I weighed in this morning and what do you know…I weigh the same.  Ugh.  I mean, the great news is I didn't gain anything, but the bad news is that I didn't lose anything either.  Again.  It’s now been 4 weeks at 172.2.  I’ve been busting my butt with my exercise and controlling my eating.  I just don't understand why the scale isn't moving in a downward direction like it should be.

I’m sanding down and refinishing the dresser that my great grandma wolf left me when she passed away.  I had painted it when I was 26 and, well, you can tell I was young when I did it.  It looks like something that a 20-something or a teenager would do.  Anyway, I’m sanding it down and painting it black.  Found some nice drawer pulls too.  Dang, drawer pulls are pricey!  I managed to find a value pack of 10 (the exact number I needed) for $17 + tax that were quite attractive.  Here’s what the dresser looked like when I started:
I mean, don't get me wrong, it looks really good.  But it looks better in this pic than it does in person.  The grey paint was applied with a very small brush and there are alllll sorts of brush marks and inconsistencies in the paint thickness/thinness. 

So, I had to stop when I had gotten the dresser frame itself about 90% sanded because apparently the vibrations from the sander agitated some wasps that have a next about 6-8 feet away from my balcony in the roof eave.  So, I had to stop and go to the store for wasp spray.  Then, I thought that after waiting for about half an hour, they would have either all flown away or died.  However, when I went out after half an hour, there was still about 10 or so on the nest.  So, I sprayed it again.  Then, I had to wait for quite a while longer again to make sure that they were done flying around being pissed off that I sprayed them before I could go back out and resume sanding.  Here’s the dresser all sanded:
When I got back home from a trip to Garden Ridge (evil, evil store...haha), I finished sanding it, then I started painting it.  I did 3 coats (I should have gotten a primer...oh well, live and learn, right?) and it looks pretty spiffy.  I’m very happy with it.  I got latex paint, so it dries very, very fast.  YAY! 
Here’s the top of it decked out with a nifty lamp, a wire bird and a Buddha I picked up at Target and Garden Ridge today:
I am EXTREMELY happy with how this turned out.  Super excited to do the little desk that my great grandma left me now!  Probably sometime in august, I’ll tackle that one.

In closing, I received the pendants I ordered in the mail today.  They look awesome!  I love them!

I didn’t work out today because I was so busy with all the running around and dresser refinishing I was doing.  I was supposed to go to the gym and do strength training (chest, back, triceps & shoulders…4x25’s).  I’ll do it on Monday, so it’s all good.  Tomorrow is Sunday and that means it’s long run day!!!  Yay!!!  I have 12 miles scheduled for tomorrow and I’m excited about it.  Also, so long as I feel up to it, I’m going to meet a friend in the evening for an easy 3 mile run.  I’m on the fence right now as to whether or not I’m hoping I *will* feel up to it.  We haven’t set a time for it yet, I left the ball in her court to let me know what time works for her and I haven’t heard back from her yet. 

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  1. I really like that lamp! Nice job on the dresser. I have a similar necklace actually, I should post a picture.


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