Monday, August 26, 2013

A Sneak Peak @ Next Month's Run Schedule

And boy is it an ambitious one!  I'm starting the randomizing of my weekly long run.  What I decided to do was to write down the numbers 9-16 on small pieces of paper, put them in a jar and then randomly draw them out to assign my weekly long run distance.  So, I will be doing 2 PR's in the month of September that I can see here.  First, I'll be running my longest distance to date: 15 miles.  Second, I've got 114 miles for the entire month scheduled!  WOW!  And I think I'm being at least somewhat conservative with the "during the week" miles.  And then, I'm thinking of starting to run 1-3 miles in addition to these miles when I go to the gym for my twice weekly strength training sessions, so that will add another 2-6 miles each week to my total mileage.  So, I may have a 3rd PR in September...I may PR my weekly mileage as well. 

9/1 9
9/3 8
9/6 6.5
9/8 14
9/10 7
9/13 6
9/15 13
9/17 7.5
9/20 5.5
9/22 10
9/24 8
9/27 4.5
9/29 15

Total: 114

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